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BC.Game announces $2.5k Prestige Plinko Challenge #54

BC.Game has introduced the Plinko Challenge #54, in which players must hit as many of the available 16 multiplier payouts as possible. The whole prize pool of $2,500 will be divided among all winners, with the grand prize going to the top 10 winners and everyone else receiving an equal part of the remaining $700.

Players who hit the bounty will get an equal share of $500. The event is live from November 07, 2022, 13:30 pm GMT to November 14, 2022, 13:30 pm GMT.

The time window is important, as bets put outside of the time window would not be considered.

The challenge requires players to hit as many multiplier payouts as possible out of the 16 multiplier payouts available; however a minimum of 3 payouts must be obtained to qualify for the winning list. The 16 multiplier payouts are as follows:-

  • 11x
  • 13x
  • 22x
  • 29x
  • 33x
  • 43x
  • 58x
  • 76x
  • 88x
  • 110x
  • 120x
  • 170x
  • 260x
  • 420x
  • 620x
  • 1000x

A single point will be added when a player achieves one multiplier payout. The maximum limit is a single point on every payout. Hitting the same multiplier payout will not add another point. Submissions must be done within the specified time window. In the case of a tie, a player with the higher average bet amount will be ranked above. In the case of a tie in the average betting amount, the player who first shared or edited the post will be ranked higher.

Players from all the VIP levels can participate in Plinko Challenge #54. Accounts can be funded through any cryptocurrency except JB. The minimum bet size is $0.15 or an equivalent amount. The prize pool has already made BC.Game one of the best Plinko casino game sites. The icing on the cake is letting all players, no matter what level of VIP they are, take part in the challenge.

A prize pool of $2,500 for Prestige Plinko Challenge #54 will be distributed as follows:-













Sixth – Tenth

$30 each

Other Participants

$700 pool

Players who hit the bounty meeting all the requirements will get an equal share of $500

When players submit a 420x multiplier winning bet, the bounty is claimed.

To be considered an official participant in Plinko Challenge #54, players must submit their posts. The submission must include a screenshot and link to the wager. Before publishing the post, change the amount to USD. Only entries published within twenty-four hours of the wager will be considered. Other online crypto casinos are undoubtedly taking note of the heights attained by BC.Game with this event.

Only permitting one entry per family has changed everything. Participants whose entries don’t meet the rules risk having them deemed invalid.

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