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Bears Wide Receiver N’Keal Harry Gets a High Ankle Injury During Practice

N’Keal Harry has suffered a high ankle sprain and is likely to be unavailable for the next six weeks. He caught the injury in a practice session, pushing his dream to make his worth count further.

The six weeks of unavailable includes the first two weeks of the season when he could have invested efforts to show the coaching staff that trading him out of New England in July was not a mistake.

Chicago got him on the team last month as a 2024 seventh-round pick. He has been looking for a way to establish himself as a new offense. N’Keal Harry talked to the press and called the trade a much-needed reset.

The timeline will have to be pushed further with a high ankle sprain in the picture. Unfortunately, that is not going to be the case with the season that kicks off soon, making him miss the first weeks of it and the preseason reps.

A visit to the specialist has been scheduled to diagnose if he can come back to the field before that; however, if the experts believe that it is an unlikely event, a high ankle sprain usually takes about six weeks to heal.

Call it an ouch moment for N’Keal Harry, but that is how it will play out for him in the coming crucial moments of the season. A word from the specialist is awaited, especially by Harry, who would be looking for a positive to return to the field.

Ian Rapoport, a national insider for the NFL Network, took to Twitter to break the news. Needless to say, followers and NFL sports betting users did not take it on a positive note.

One of the followers suggested he call it a season by immediately going to the surgery. The follower stated the instance of Michael Thomas. Another user broke more hearts by saying that NFL players’ recovery period was 11 weeks.

If six weeks is an optimistic note or not is for the specialist to decide. Fans are hoping that he returns to showcase his talent.

Ian Rapoport called it a frustrating experience to start the experience in a new team. That is true, and many fans share the emotion. Dr. Robert Anderson will likely examine the injury’s severity and state the final diagnosis along with the timeline to return.

It could be a tough break for N’Keal Harry, with some believing it may be career-ending.

Harry’s numbers are decent, with 12 receptions for 184 yards in the last 12 games. He compiled 57 receptions for 598 yards over three seasons with the Patriots, and it is coupled with four touchdowns with an average of just 18.1 yards per game.

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