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Big Stack Announced to Launch India’s First Online Poker University

The Delhi based lifestyle brand, Big Stack, announced the launch of an online poker training university in India. It would be the very first of its kind, intended to introduce poker to the potentially-huge poker-enthusiastic population of the country, by filling a massive void in the poker market.

Big Stack, founded by Sunny Kochar, Rai Sahib Khurrana and Ritesh Tanu, believes that Poker skills make individuals more proficient at life crafts like calculation, psychology, and many more. Their idea is to make learning Poker a nutritive experience which will positively affect the all-round temperament of people in their personal and professional life.

Ritesh often attributes his success to the hours spent on playing poker. He and Rai always wanted to establish poker as a sport, and, with an increased number of Indians showing interest in poker, they found it essential to bring forth a training platform for the card game.

Rai Sahib Khurrana, commented:

“Poker has been a way of life for many successful entrepreneurs across the globe. The game of Poker teaches a lot of life skills that can be the success mantra in both life and business.”

Other personalities like the best-selling authors, Dan Casetta and Ellen Leinkind, also shares his vision. Rai backed by the angel investors from the Signature group is enthusiastic about making the game more readily available to those who wish to profit from this card sport via the forthcoming Poker University.

Ritesh Tanu, the keen poker player, and digital marketer added:

“We now have a lot of corporate interest in the game of poker and he predicts that the game would soon be a key component of curriculums of top management schools.”

The All India Gaming Federation (AIGF)’s CEO, Roland Landers, also commented on the need of a poker university in the country. He declared:

“Education in poker is extremely necessary for a country like India, where people misinterpret all card games to be the same, which is unlikely in the case of poker, as hours of learning, analysis of hands and understanding your opponent’s body language and strategy is very important. Hence creating more knowledge on the sport of poker would definitely help in the emphasizing its position as skill.”

Landers added,

“Online real money skill gaming in India is currently at about USD 430 million (Rs 3,053 crore approximately), and online poker is estimated to be at approximately 15 percent of that pie.”

Joining the poker university will let individuals receive training from the best players in the poker industry. Sunny, Rai, and Ritesh explained:

“We have our recruitment processes where players will get recruited in stables and can play big poker tournaments.”

Many celebrated Universities in the West, like Harvard and Yale University, have incorporated Poker as a subject in their courses, and India is not far behind-Deepak Dhayanithy, an assistant professor at IIM Kozhikode, teaches a class on competition strategy utilizing poker. A university dedicated to the card game is a step towards the achievement of the goal.

Big Stack will also collaborate with Poker Merchandise, to serve the poker-loving community with tasteful and well-crafted Poker Apparels & Accessories. Along with that, they are trying on get some certification for learning poker and are in discussions with a few poker federations.

Poker is not an easy game to master so, Big Stack, with their university, is aiming to make poker more lucid, and accessible so that it can be recognized as a sport, and can also be opted as a career option.

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