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Browns to Gain the Pro Bowl LB Deion Jones With Falcons

Deion Jonessoon comes on the side of the Cleveland Browns as the Atlanta Falcons are finalizing his release. The Cleveland Browns are trading Deion Jones to strengthen their defense following the previous loss to the Los Angeles Chargers.

Week 5 came with a defeat; however, it is time for the Cleveland Browns to upgrade their defensive portion of the team. The Browns are trading Deion Jones for a 2024 6th-round pick and a 2024 NFL Draft 7th-round selection. It is interesting to note that the transfer of Deion Jones among these two teams helps in bringing a ray of hope to both. 

Cleveland Browns try to mend their overall losses and their Week 5 defeat from their previous matches as they acquire Deion Jones. However, Falcons want to add some new players to their game so that they are able to get over the errors added to their games by Jones.This gives the Atlanta Falcons an opportunity to move on from what Deion Jones has delivered so far this year.

Deion Jones was placed on the injured sheet after he underwent shoulder surgery. The linebacker is yet to play a match this year. Deion Jones holds a lot of potential though. This is evident from the fact that he was able to pull the Atlanta Falcons to the Super Bowl in his rookie year.

Recent plays don’t justify the potential that Deion Jones holds in the game. His overall Pro Football Focus grade currently stands at 34.6 for the year 2021. He was a 2016 2-round pick who pushed the team to its greatest strengths. Nevertheless, the Cleveland Browns are more than happy to have Deion Jones in their defending group.

The Cleveland Browns will inherit a base salary of just above a million along with $31,250 for the game where he is active. The Atlanta Falcons were able to negotiate the dead cap hit to $12.14 million for 2023 with no contract guarantees beyond 2022.

However, as per the latest sports news, the NFL network announced that The Cleveland Browns now owe Deion Jones $1.39 million for the rest of the season with the additional payout for his active games. Additionally, the Browns have to pay a steady amount of $31,250 for all his active games.

Deion Jones entering the Browns could be a game-changer for the team and best NFL betting sites will have an eye on the upcoming matches where he appears. 2022 has not been kind to him so far but that could soon change.

The Falcons look forward to moving on and have a fresh face in the team for what comes ahead in the game table.

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