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Memphis Grizzlies Beat Golden State Warriors in Game 6

Wednesday witnessed Memphis Grizzlies keeping their hopes alive after beating Golden State Warriors. The game ended at 134-95, allowing the Grizzlies to force game number 6 in the Western Conference’s semifinal.

Desmond Bane, Tyis Jones, and Jaren Jackson played crucial roles in the victory by contributing 21 points each. Dillon Brooks also added 12 points for the team, while Brandon Clarke and Ziarie Williams were only 1 point behind Brooks.

Similarly, De’Anthony Melton scored 10 points while Steven Adams managed 13 rebounds. Throughout the game, the team was comfortable despite their star guard, Ja Morant, not playing because of an injury. Pulling off a 3-2 during an elimination game was impressive, taking their tally to 4-11 when facing elimination.

Jaren Jackson stated that the team was well aware of the stakes. However, they did not make any drastic changes. They stayed calm, reviewed the opponents, understood what needed to be done, and executed the plan.

The plan worked perfectly, as the team scored 77 points during the first half alone. The team played as they extended the lead to 55 during the third quarter. It threatened the three largest postseason blowouts in the history of the NBA.

Nonetheless, the Grizzlies ended the game with a whopping 52-point lead, making it the largest in a playoff game since 1952. Even Stephen Curry laughed on the court during the fourth quarter as the fans started cheering Whoop That Trick. 

With Game 6 on Friday, the pressure remains on the Grizzlies, as the Warriors have secured five straight games in their seven overall in San Francisco. If you are looking to bet on your favourite basketball team, then get an elaborated list of best basketball betting sites.

Needless to say that the recent win must have boosted Grizzlies morale as they look forward to proceeding in the competition. Given their latest performance, the Warriors must be on their toes to kill the momentum during the first quarter. 

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