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FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup initiates safeguarding standards

The safeguarding volunteers created history at the FIFA under 17 Women’s World Cup India 2022. However, this is the second FIFA tournament to have witnessed this feat, where the safeguarding program remained secure. There were 12 trained volunteers to assist the safeguarding team members. Presently there are approximately 600 volunteers who are playing an active role in the FIFA under 17 Women’s World Cup India 2022, which is being played out at the moment. Amongst them, there happen to be 12 Indian youngsters who were selected and formally trained to play the role of safeguarding volunteers, which happens to be a very first.  

FIFA’s safeguarding program was designed with the solemn aim and intention of ensuring proper implementation of safety factors being executed throughout the tournament. In this matter, all of the players involved, the FIFA betting sites, and the spectator’s safety and security concerns were to be adequately addressed. However, this program was first initiated and performed at the FIFA under 20 Women’s World Cup in Costa Rica in 2022. 

According to the Head of Safeguarding and Child Protection, Social Responsibility and Education Division, Marie-Laure Lemineur, the main motive behind this exercise is to keep the safety and security of the entire football playing environment above other issues a top priority all of the time. Certain security standards have been spelled out and must be closely adhered to. Additionally, to ensure all of this, the exercise will not fade away after the tournament closes in India but will aggressively be taken forward. The next in line will be the FIFA youth competitions, held in Indonesia and Peru in 2023.

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