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CasinoFair- A 100% Provably Fair Casino Platform With Lucrative Bonus Benefits

One of the most innovative and intensive applications of blockchain technology is seen in the world of casinos and gambling. The industry that fully relies on a blind game of trust and speculations has infused blockchain to achieve its core objectives. Unlike traditional casinos, blockchain casinos render the players with a golden opportunity to verify the fairness of the game once they are done with playing. By ensuring safety and transparency of all sorts, blockchain casinos are fast becoming a hot-shot favorite for gambling lovers worldwide.

About CasinoFair

Just like any other industry, the number of blockchain-powered casinos existing in the marketspace is quite significant, making room for stiff competition. One such prominent blockchain casino platform available in the marketspace is CasinoFair. Created by FunFair firm, the casino has managed to establish itself as a popular name in the industry. As the name suggests, the CasinoFair offers its players with a user-friendly blockchain-powered gambling platform that is secure, transparent and boasts of a huge variety of games. The platform claims to be the first casino that is 100% provably fair and has a successful network proliferating into 22 countries across the globe. The portal is governed by the government authority of Curacao, which makes it legally fair too.

The CasinoFair authorities stated,

If it sounds like a big claim, that’s because it is. We’re confident we are the fairest casino out there. Combining cutting edge technology with the benefits of blockchain, CasinoFair goes beyond anyone else to ensure your fairness.

The gamblers need to own the in-game FUN token to enjoy access to a wide range of games available on the casino platform. FunFair, the curator firm of the FUN Token and the casino, serves as a decentralized, cryptocurrency-based platform that is built on Ethereum smart contracts. CasinoFair offers one of the most sorted and varied ranges of offerings to its customers, which are both fun and interesting. Some of the games available on the platform include:

  1. Poker– There are four different varieties of poker on the CasinoFair platform, namely three card poker, Hi-Lo Caribbean Stud, and Let It Ride Poker.
  2. Baccarat– Baccarat is a popular card game played in casinos worldwide. It is a comparing card game that involves two parties, the player and the banker. At CasinoFair, the game is known as Baccarat VIP and provides special rates and odds.
  3. Blackjack– One of the most popular card games, Blackjack is played between a player and the dealer. The edge given at CasinoFair is a meagre 1%, which increases the chance of winning for the players. It is also a VIP game and is studded with special odds and promos.
  4. Slots– The players get a chance to spin the reels with interesting titles such as Shamrock Riches, The Great Cheese Heist, Fun Mountain, or the most favorite, the Fate of Thrones. The games come with special intriguing features and wilds. These can be tried for free and without limits until the player decides to invest real money or not.

CasinoFair allows players to exchange their crypto assets like Bitcoin, ETH, XRP, TRON, etc. to purchase FUN Tokens for playing the games. Also, the platform offers a sign-up bonus of UDS150 to the customers. The players need to wager 25,000 FUN on 20 games offered at CasinoFair to claim the bonus. The players can access the platform without sign-up, too, just by adding a few coins to the wallet with a chance to withdraw them in case of a win. CoinFair wallet service is secured and helps players to access coins at their convenience. The wide range of promotions available on the blockchain is like an icing on the cake for the casino lovers.

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