FunFair Technologies Q1 2020 Update

FunFair technologies is the first decentralized online gaming platform that is built on the robust Ethereum Smart contract blockchain technology. In fact, it is the leading provider of blockchain-based casino technology in the online gaming sector. In simpler terms, it is not a casino, but it is that underlying technology that provides solutions pertaining to slow performance, lack of users’ trust and high operating costs to the online gaming platforms. FunFair technologies came into existence in the year 2017, by the igaming veterans named Oliver Hopton and Jeremy Longley and the famous entrepreneur Jez San OBE. It has its headquarters in Singapore, with its core teams spread across Dublin and London.

Various Products of FunFair technologies

Below discussed are the three key products of FunFair technologies that need to be upgraded in the Q1 2020 mission of the company.


KYC process will undergo some critical changes like the number of fields will be reduced and document scanning technology will be introduced to increase the number of users and to improve the conversion rates. Forms will need a document ID from now onwards.

Easier Payment processes  

The Payment process would be made easier. To enable users to convert to FUN easily, an automated token exchange, named Uniswap is introduced.

Improving the UX

Improving the user experience in key areas like KYC compliances, account funding and registration, by reducing the onboarding process steps, thereby making it simpler, is very important, which the Q1 performance 2020 is aiming at.

The Fun Token

The FUN token is an ERC-20 token that can be used in every part across the FunFair platform. It is the only token that is accepted for in-game credits, for receiving payment across the FunFair platform, as all the fees on the FunFair platform must be paid in FUN. A total of around 11,000,000,000 FUN tokens were created latest by June 22, 2017, and as such, no more plans for creating FUN, tokens have been decided until now. With this fixed supply, and the deflation existing in the economy, the price of the FUN tokens would increase over time as the demand increases.

FunFair technologies released its first high compatibility crypto wallet, for facilitating easy management of the FUN tokens. The Partner brands of FunFair technologies named CasinoFair and CryptoCasino will have access to this versatile crypto wallet. The non-custodial FunFair Wallet is based on Ethereum’s ERC20 protocol, which allows players from both the partners CasinoFair and CryptoCasino platforms to easily deposit, withdraw, or store, their FUN tokens.

Fun Fair’s Q1 performance

The onus of the 2020 vision of Q1 updates of the platform is to bring in necessary improvements to the onboarding processes of the platform, to increase the conversion rates by changing and updating the existing KYC compliances, enhancing the deposit sections of the wallet and also improving the UI/UX of the website.

Recent News

To encourage the mass adoption of blockchain gaming, FunFair has integrated with the leading crypto exchange Changelly, to introduce new payment options for the partner casinos of FunFair. This integration will enable players to swap various cryptocurrencies for FUN by integrating Changelly’s API into the FunFair Wallet. Registered players can now have the same experience of playing on Bitcoin, Tron, or Litecoin platforms when they come to the live casinos of FunFair and trade for FUN tokens.


Therefore, FunFair has already made its entry into the gigantic world of online gaming by its unique solution catering strategies. Instead of operating as a casino, the company is excelling in licensing out its innovative technology to other casino operators. With its rich wealth of experience, FunFair is creating a new breed of low-cost casino operators, thereby providing a platform to deliver the best slots and win games in a fair and transparent manner.

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