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Clash Of The Communities, The Biggest Community Event of the Off-Season

It all began when Space City Central, co-captain of such Rockets Fandom Community, worked to organize a free poker game on ClubGG. This online gambling application enables users to form clubs and participate in poker tournaments organized by the local poker world. More than 40 SCC gamers did sign up for that event, and it was a fantastic event.

According to the latest poker news, by welcoming far more fan culture communities to participate and send representatives into the fray, Leet3 and Yungbassy are outshining themselves at this moment. SQUARExBEAR from The District of Collectors’ @SDANFT and @TopshotWizard, ChewieWoolf from Space City Central, and The Kingdom: A TS Fandom Community are also joining. They celebrated their corresponding TopShot Fan community by doing something significant and comprehensive. 

In addition to surpassing their expectations with the giveaway, they’re inviting Jayne, the general manager of NBA TopShot, and other Dashing Labs/TS staff to attend the Majestic Rumble of Poker!

On August 13th at 5:30 PM PST / 8:30 PM EST, The Clash Of The Communities will occur, and live coverage of the poker table activity, comments from the Captains and participants, live free gifts, contests, and a lot more will be available on SQUARExBEAR’s Channel,! Many flyers shared on Twitter include the winning structure. @DCtopshot on Twitter has given all the info about the winnings – go check it out!

Many expensive instants are available, including the De’Aaron Fox Holo, a Bradley Beal Holo, and a Kevin Porter Jr. Holo, for the top 3 finalists. There are also rewards in the version of moments and packs up to 55th spot, in memory of Sacramento Kings player number 55 Jason Williams, as well as Head Coach and Celebs Knockout Bounty rewards in the manner of Rare moments and Dashing Credit.

Even so, it doesn’t cover everything. They’re going to give away Doordash gift vouchers as a “Door Prize” to nine fortunate event attendees, there’s now a Community Side Bet of Rare Instants, and they’ll also be throwing free memories and Packs during the Twitch Livestream! Don’t overlook another of the largest TopShot Fandom Local Events during the off-season! You can still come out on top even if you weren’t selected for the occasion.

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