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CoinGames creates world’s 1st fully decentralized gambling platform

CoinGames recently announced the launch of the world’s first fully decentralized gambling platform. The Web3 casino offers a streamlined and secure online casino service backed by the latest smart contract and blockchain technology. Other than that, the casino offers daily promotions, 24/7 live support, and instant withdrawals.

The platform has designed the casino while keeping entertainment, transparency, and optimization in focus. Conversation rates remain the biggest issue among online casinos in today’s market. CoinGames is addressing the concern by letting users play the game without making any deposits.

The casino eliminates a crucial barrier for users since the gaming sessions are validated via a smart contract. Thus, CasinoGames is witnessing a 380% growth in conversion rates. At the same time, its customer LTV (Lifetime Value) has gone up by 200%.

Customers can experience faster registration and deposit times while avoiding third-party difficulties. To top it off, the platform retains complete control over funds, allowing users to withdraw any amount via a non-custodial wallet.

These transactions are recorded using CoinGames’ framework, developed for the Polygon Chain and Binance Chain. Soon, the casino will support Ethereum and Solana as well. Such integrations make for an unmatched experience that is unified and safe.

According to the Bitcoin casino news, Edoardo Narduzzi, CoinGames President, also praised the latest announcement. According to Narduzzi, CoinGames’ decentralized gambling platform is a crucial addition to the entire online gambling arena.

Using smart contracts and blockchain technology, CoinGames is setting new industry standards for user control and transparency. This is certainly the future of a secure, user-centric gaming environment. The team is delighted to lead the charge and invite users to experience this at CoinGames, added the president.

There are 20,000 active users on CoinGames at the moment. The platform’s fresh launch aims to onboard 1,000,000 players before the end of 2024. Given how warmly the community has welcomed the platform, the objective does not appear unrealistic.

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