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CoinPoker Reveals Its Achievements for April and Plans for May

CoinPoker has announced its achievements for the month of April 2020 and its plan for May 2020. CoinPoker claimed that it has managed to collect approximately 26,222,330.42 CHP in Community Contributions. The company is leaving no stone unturned to provide users top class products.


Community Contributions displayed a rising trend, and positive future perspectives added CoinPoker.


It is worth noting that CoinPoker burns 10 percent of community contributions. And in the current month, the amount is 2,622,233.04 CHP, thus leaving the remaining 23,600,097.38 CHP to be given back to the community in different forms and shapes that may include but are not restricted to tournaments, promotions, and player acquisition campaigns among others.


Users fond of MTT’s may have seen that the game has become more convenient with reduced bugs.


CoinPoker has decided to issue the final update this month in a bid to ensure that there are no more glitches left in the MTT lobby. It will also help in removing the remaining bugs and will enhance the gaming experience to an altogether different level.


Meanwhile, the MTT schedule was modified in accordance with the player activity and community response.


According to CoinPoker, 3 main events have been scheduled for the month of May.


It will include concluding the fixing of MTT lobby to ensure it works in a hassle-free manner as the company strives perfection.


The company also has plans to release new games for the month of May. Earlier, the games were supposed to be released in April 2020, but they needed some more changes to fulfill users’ expectations.


We will also witness the launching of a new and exciting promotion.


CoinPoker has emerged as a new blockchain-based platform that offers players a safe way to participate in online poker games.

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