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Colorado Poker Player Gets Herself Arrested after she Calls the Police over Harassment

Recently, a poker player was arrested when she supposedly called the cops on another player after she was dispensed with from a Poker Tournament held in Colorado.

In Colorado, a poker player was arrested recently after participating in a poker competition at the Golden Gates Casino. Based in Black Hawk, the Lady called the police after she was dispensed from the poker tournament. Reports show that the Lady was engaged with a verbal fight with another player which prompted her arrest, eventually.

In the scene was Will Givens, a WSOP bracelet winner, and a professional poker, seen it and gave information on what went down. The Lady was facing off against another poker player on the occasion when he revealed to her that he would show his hand if she showed hers. The Lady at that point said she would show her chest rather than her hand.

A glimpse of Will Givens tweet link is given below:

From that point, the conversation turned out to be progressively heated when the rival player declined the offer, expressing that she resembled a transsexual. The Lady was eliminated from the competition. Givens reported that rather than leaving the room, the Lady at that point called the police and requested a refund for her competition buy-in.

Moreover, the movie was a senseless one and usually would have resulted in the police requesting that the Lady leave the property, besides she was accompanied out in handcuffs. Police understood that the female poker player had a warrant out for her arrest; hence, she was taken to the station.

As indicated by Givens, she unexpectedly called the cops on herself, as it turned out. After their arrival, police found the Lady had a few issues pending in her case. Because of certain outstanding warrants, she was put in cuffs and dragged off to jail.

The latest update is the Lady has been discharged from custody and eventually denied calling the police, as indicated by social media posts. She additionally says that the player who offended her did that unnecessarily. However, Givens remains by his account of the activity.

Besides, the casino club is running the Colorado State Poker Championship which will continue to happen till 28th of this month. A few occasions are on the schedule included the competition wherein the Lady participated.

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