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Costa Rica to Host the Fourth Edition FIFA Compliance Summit

FIFA has announced that it will host the 4th Compliance Summit in San Jose, Costa Rica, on September 26, 2022, and September 27, 2022. The opening ceremony will be done by Gianni Infantino, the President of FIFA.

It will be a three-hour event that will be streamed on the official website of FIFA. All the participating members will build on the objectives in the third Compliance Summit. Interactions will center around accountability, transparency, and good governance.

This is the first time the Summit has been organized since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the surface to lock everyone in their homes. A large number of representatives will be in attendance. The summit aims to equip them with tools to take compliance programs beyond best practices.

The following session will center around discussing strategies to influence the culture at the corporate, digital disclosure, and in-depth discussion with confederations and other members associations.

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Online session streaming can be accessed by anyone with a stable internet connection and a connected device. It will be broadcasted on

As per the sports industry news, some of the members who will attend the 4th Compliance Summit are Rodolfo Villalobos, the President of Costa Rica Football Association; Alasdair Bell, the Deputy General Secretary of FIFA; Emilio Garcia Silvero, the Chief Legal & Compliance Officer for FIFA and other representatives of the member associations of FIFA, the confederation, and governance experts.

The major part of the event will be ruled by what was covered in the previous edition, with the addition that members will now be better equipped with all the capacities and tools. Members will also review the notion of shifting the paradigm of modern compliance programs to a customized model that encourages robust and sustainable policies with a shared mindset in consideration.

Members in attendance will be lectured by key speakers, namely:-

  • Ronan O’Laoire
  • Trevor Hughes
  • H. Christopher Boehning

It will not end with the words from the noted speakers. The event also has another session planned for the participants. A carefully tailored agenda will be implemented after the speakers have interacted with the participants.

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