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Covid-19: NBL 20 Season Halts; Sydney Kings Withdraws From Finals

The remaining season has been forced to be winded up by NBL following the withdrawal of Sydney Kings from the series for Grand Finals against the Perth Wildcats in the light of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The fourth game was designated to happen between the Wildcats and the Kings on Friday at RAC Arena of Perth. But the management of the Kings’ suggested that they had no wish to go ahead with the remainder of the series as the global pandemic was getting worse.

After a rigorous meeting held between The King’s management, featuring players, coaches, along with an independent medical specialist on discussions about the continual of the team in the series, it was decided that the team Would not proceed with the game. It stated the reason as, because of the critical portion of relevant as well as actual worries linked with player welfare as well as the social responsibility of the club.

The Wildcats had expected to bagg a Game 3 win in the Sunday afternoon game, leading the tournament by 2-1 lead for best-of-five of the series. The NBL spoke that it is going to decide the outcome for the championship in the next 48 hours, even though the head coach of the Kings, Will Weaver, had shown an affirmed decision in backing out.

The Kings CEO, Chris Pongrass spoke that,

Chris Pongrass spoke

“Not to be flippant, but it couldn’t matter less to us in the scheme of things,” Weaver said.

The Kings came from a season

The Kings came from a season in which they topped the scoreboard in each round, aiming their very first NBL win since 2005.

Andrew Bogut, Casper Ware, and co. were on the verge of loss on Sunday at Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney.

The NBL owner and Executive Chairman, Larry Kestelman, spoke that they respected the decision in the extraordinary times that were prevailing.

He said they have concerned not just the players’ health but even their wish to stay with their loved ones, many of which were overseas.

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