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CSK beats GT in IPL 2023 final, Dhoni hints at retirement

Rain played a spoilsport. The DLS method came into play. Jadeja hit 10 runs off the last 2 balls to successfully chase 171 in 15 overs with the loss of 5 wickets.

That is pretty much how the TATA IPL 2023 final between Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings concluded on May 30, 2023. Originally scheduled to happen in Narendra Modi Stadium on May 28, 2023, rain pushed the time to the next day. Dhoni chose to bat later after winning the choice. Hardik Pandya felt confident since the move was also made by the MI skipper, Rohit Sharma, for a loss in qualifier 2.

Things worked a different way this time, with the 4-times champions (now 5 times) entering the field with the set intact as it should be. MI had to retire Ishan Kishan from the opening after he sustained the injury that probably pinched Sharma to lose the event altogether.

Nonetheless, what caught everyone’s attention throughout the final was the interaction between the CSK skipper and Harsha Bhogle. Their words in the post-match conference echoed the much-needed relieving words, the easy thing would be to walk away after the victory, and the harder thing would be to work for the next nine months and return to the field.

There has been speculation about his retirement from all formats of cricket. Dhoni has already called the Indian League his past phase of cricket. However, there is less surety about him bidding goodbye to the sport forever after IPL 2023. Acknowledging the love that he has received at all the venues, MS has stated that (playing the next IPL season) will be a gift from him, but it will not be easy on the body.

IPL, in this season, saw two major advancements: Player review for wide & no ball and impact player introduction.

Experts, mostly commentators who are not necessarily different from experts, believe that what is likely to work in favor of Dhoni playing the next season is the rule of Impact Player. Someone else could lead the charge for Chennai, bringing Thala to bat in the second innings.

Dhoni knee issue

However, Dhoni has not been in the pink of his health during this IPL edition. He has been seen with ice packs on his knees a couple of times. Notwithstanding his injured state, he has displayed great valor and commendable performance. It can be assured that playing in the next season might have an impact on his health. However, if he continues to withhold his status as an Impact Player, fans might be lucky to see a glimpse of his helicopter shot along with providing steady support to CSK with the new captain stepping up.

To briefly introduce the happenings of the final, the victory could have actually gone in favor of GTs had it not been for Jadeja hitting 10 runs off the last 2 balls. Some of the best cricket betting sites were inclined towards GT to give them the home advantage. CSK fought back despite losing five wickets and getting an aggressive total through the DLS method.

Dhoni’s presence on the field has been nothing but bliss for his diehard fans. Retire or don’t retire, we say, just exist and mentor the young players for a brighter future of Indian cricket – male & female. That will also bring happiness to all those who chant Mahi maar raha hai (Mahi is hitting shots).

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