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Pickett Gets Promoted in the Steelers to Replace Veteran Trubisky

If reports are to be believed, then Kenny Pickett will begin his journey officially as the starting Quarterback with the Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. He replaces veteran Mitchell Trubisky after the side lost to the New York Jets by 24-20.

Fans got a glimpse of his performance, with Pickett contributing to the Steelers’ first-ever lead in the game against the Jets.

Week 5 will be a new era as Pickett sets his feet on the field. The team was unsure after the loss if they would play him in the next game. The Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach, Mike Tomlin, said they would deal with the following week next week. The decision is here already, and fans are looking forward to seeing their team win after 3 consecutive losses against the Patriots, the Browns, and the Jets.

As per the gaming news, Mike Tomlin brought Pickett in the previous game after he felt the team was missing the spark. Pickett fulfilled the wish only to hand over a pass to the opponent, allowing them to re-strengthen their position with 3:42 left for the game to end.

A good rapport between Pickett and George Pickens came in handy with some good back-shoulder throws. Only the second INT of Pickett gave away the possession to the quarterbacks of the Jets.

Pickett was able to complete 10 out of 13 attempts for 120 yards. The remaining 3 attempts went to the Jets. Trubisky had an interception in the first half with 7 out of 13 passes for 84 yards. Mitchell Trubisky had only 2 touchdowns. He left the field during the last match carrying disappointment on his face. It was the need of the hour as the Steelers had hardly done anything till half-time. The Jets went ahead in the first quarter and retained the lead in the second quarter when the Steelers tried to get even. They fell short by 4 points.

A comeback in the third quarter went in vain after the Jets doubled the Q4 score registered by the Steelers on the board. The final tally had 4 points extra for the Jets, handing victory to them and unofficially setting the stage for the Pickett era. Top NFL betting sites will have their odds set for the opposing team, but there is still a chance for the Steelers to steal the show and prove their worth to the sports world.

With 3 interceptions in his name, Pickett is gearing up to tackle the Buffalo Bills in the upcoming match this Sunday. 

Pickett was destined to replace Trubisky. What makes this hard to believe is the replacement happening after Trubisky won a 3-man quarterback competition during the training camp against Pickett and Mason Rudolph. Four games were enough to replace him with the home-grown athlete, Kenny Pickett.

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