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Data.Bet integrates Player Props to Valorant

Data.Bet has made a significant advancement when it comes to eSports betting. Until now, bettors were restricted to wagering their interests on the odds listed on the board. It would include the outcome of a game, or probably how much a team would score. However, that is all set to change with Player Props.

First introduced in February this year with CS:GO, Player Props allow bettors to place wagers on specific outcomes. Dwelling on this for a few more seconds refers to the fact that anyone can place bets on a specific outcome, like how much a particular player would kill before winning or getting eliminated.

Data.Bet is integrating the feature with Valorant, allowing operators to expand their horizons, as per a recent announcement. They could now pursue individualistic strategies while allowing users to choose one or more outcomes from a long catalog of odds. In addition, operators will be able to reach more consumers. There is no information available regarding the extent to which the distribution of the total number of wagers will affect the final return.

If, say, 10 bets were placed on a team winning the battle, it could now be down to 5–6, with the remaining players trying their luck on another outcome.

This means that customers will have a tailored experience for enhanced engagement. Data.Bet has developed Player Props in-house. Such a feature is simultaneously estimated to increase the turnover of a company.

According to the betting news, Alex Kozachenko from Data.Bet has said that this demonstrates the company’s commitment to delivering personalized experiences and bringing out innovations. The company’s Chief Product Officer has emphasized that the development specifically aims to improve the eSports betting experience. Alex has further stated that Data.Bet believes Player Props will help operators stand out in a market that is getting more competitive every month.

Needless to say, they have mentioned that the user’s experience will be elevated. This is not the only development that Data.Bet has made in recent days. It previously entered into a partnership with Grid to power the portfolio of B2C betting providers. The partnership agreement underlines that Grid will deliver Data.Bet access to official data assets with high precision, accuracy, speed, and granular level. Also, it will enable access to game data for international and regional events.

Back to Data.Bet and Valorant, with the latter now gaining access to Player Props, players will have tons of benefits since they will now have a lot of options to choose their odds. It could be as specific as the number of kills by Player A or the time for which they survive in the game. It now just remains to be seen how Valorant implements the mechanism and how well operators receive it post-implementation.

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