Denmark shuts the door on 49 illegal gambling sites

Danish gambling regulator Spillemyndigheden was given the authority to cease the operation of 49 unlicensed betting sites that were providing illegal gambling services in Denmark by Copenhagen City Court. Spillemyndigheden has achieved a major victory here.

The blocked websites primarily comprise sports betting sites and online casinos. Prominent examples include,,, and Additionally, thirteen platforms dedicated to skin betting have also been obstructed; this includes and Denmark’s director of gambling, Anders Dorph, spoke about the importance of these measures:

According to the latest gambling news, Denmark’s Gambling Authority serves as a safeguard for Danish citizens from illegal gambling offerings that disregard the gambling regulations’ consumer protection requirements. In Denmark, licensed gambling operators must be able to compete fairly without being unfairly influenced by unlicensed providers who are not subject to Danish regulatory standards.

Dorph went into further detail regarding the regulatory body’s upcoming strategy, indicating a plan to increase the frequency of blocking illegal websites. The new plan calls for biannual interventions to block these illegal platforms, which marks a change from the previous annual practice. He said this:

As we continue to fight illegal gambling activities, we have recently changed our tactics by blocking unauthorized websites more frequently. This way, these prohibited sites will not last for long in Denmark as they will be identified and immediately stopped from operating.

The path of Spillemyndigheden’s initiatives to end illegal gambling began in 2012, the year that saw the start of blocking these nefarious platforms. This strategy has been successful in the years that have followed, resulting in the blocking of 276 such websites and effectively preventing them from accessing the Danish gambling market.

The court’s support of Spillemyndigheden’s endeavor shows how determined Danish authorities are to keep their gambling industry on the right track. By blocking unlicensed sites from being used by people in Denmark, they want to make sure everyone is protected and that licensed operators are competing fairly with each other. As the regulating body keeps refining its methods, there will soon be even more efficient ways for them to stop illegitimate gambling websites from working.

To sum up, Denmark’s war against unauthorized gambling websites has been greatly successful after the Copenhagen City Court permitted 49 wrong platforms that targeted Danish players to be blocked. Through these active steps, the Danish Gambling Authority is firmly protecting customer protection and providing an equal playing field for authorized operators in the country’s gambling business. The move towards biannual interventions displays a prudent development meant to improve the efficiency of avoiding illegal betting sites. This determined attitude demonstrates Denmark’s pledge to erase illicit wagering and create a secure betting atmosphere for its citizens.

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