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DMScript Join Hands with OG eSports

DMScript is a blockchain-gaming company that is fully dedicated to the backing and releasing projects related to video games. It is a technology company that offers solutions to address the needs of esports and fill in all the gaps revealed as the blockchain industry grew. DMScript has announced that it has decided to forge a partnership with OG eSports.

The partnership is path-breaking because it puts DMScript on the map with insider eyes on the eSports industry’s needs. The partnership will help to develop new ideas, high-value solutions, and products that will improve the gamers’ quality of life.

The partnership is a massive thing for DMScript as the logo can now be seen in real eSports tournaments that are played worldwide at many best esports betting sites and worn by the OG eSports’ team – CS:GO. DMScript has made tremendous progress, and two of its products, named DMFast & DMPlay, when they are in the beta phase, have gain popularity & have been used by some greatest players in the world. DMFast is a software that solves all kinds of latency issues for online games by optimizing the connection and ensuring that the configuration is correctly set-up. It also has a built-in VPN that allows the players to access the servers easily.

On the other hand, DMPlay allows you to access your favorite games from the servers that are located across multiple continents. One can stream the games to devices like Android phones, Desktop PC, and even iOS. It is an excellent solution for players who travel a lot. No wonder, amid all these advancements, DMScript is happy to have partnered with OG eSports as they can prove to be wonderful aides in their long journey to success.

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