Entain partners with Gaming Realms & introduces a multiplayer Bingo game

Entain is a company that is involved in sports betting, as well as gaming and entertainment. The entity takes a great amount of pleasure in carrying out their official announcement of having introduced their latest multiplayer bingo game, which they have named Slingo Bingo. This has been in collaboration with the licensing company, Gaming Realms. The entire game, from start to finish, was developed in-house and is targeted towards its connected gamers in the UK. 

With the growing fascination and attraction for bingo games, the Gala Bingo brand, which is very much owned by Entain, has been able to witness an extreme growth pattern. As per the official estimates, a further 20% of gamers all over the UK have got themselves connected to the games.

Now, with the introduction of their latest bingo game, Slingo Bingo, the stakes are only going to rise higher, with more and more gamers joining the fray. Where the prospective players are concerned, they are absolutely certain that a lot of added entertainment is coming their way, and they are all prepared to face it with the spirit that is required. They feel great days of gaming are ahead of them. 

According to the latest gaming news, Slingo is undoubtedly an absolute top brand of the Gaming Realms. Where the Slingo IP is concerned, it has already reached the category of being much sought after by UK gamers. Gala Bingo contains most of the engaging games belonging to Slingo. The game is also coming with a lot of expectations, in the case of gamers old as well as new. 

According to the Chief Product Officer of Entain, Satty Bhens, the need of the hour for them is to be able to increase their customer base. Now, with the introduction of Slingo Bingo, in his opinion, they will see just that happening, and the encouraging part is the fact that there should be no real dropouts. It will once again prove to their customers the sheer potential they have in periodically coming out with games that are more thrilling and exciting and keeping them on the edge of their seats. 

Where the Chief Commercial Officer of Gaming Realms, Gareth Scott, is concerned, he seems certain that the collaboration with Entain and the deliverance of the game Slingo Bingo is going to help propel them further as a business house and contribute towards their ever-growing popularity and mark their standing in the industry. 

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