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FanDuel provides 3-months of NBA League Pass with the NBA

FanDuel has announced that it is all set to offer the promotion of three months of NBA League Pass. This will grant access to out-of-the-market games and other specifics that will elevate the sporting experience. Moreover, FanDuel is introducing The Pulse, a platform that brings real-time markets across the sport. It has been cited as an innovative product by FanDuel and the NBA.

FanDuel has made this announcement, stating that it is leveraging its association with the NBA to its best capabilities. FanDuel is a proud online sports betting partner of the Association, officially making it more interesting for new and existing customers.

All they have to do is place a bet of $5 to be eligible for the promotion. Making things interesting for new customers is the additional $200 Bonus Bets. Existing customers will have other benefits; however, Bonus Bets may not be one of them. Conditions are subject to change, and existing customers are recommended to check the rules for promotions that are applicable to them.

The offer is valid through December 11, 2023. Exclusive benefits have been announced for the members of NBA ID. It is a global membership plan that will fetch special benefits and offers through the official platform of FanDuel.

Mike Raffensperger, the Chief Commercial Officer of FanDuel, has highlighted that the company is committed to offering the best product and enhancing the experience of its customers. Mike has added that they are leveraging the power of their NBA partnership in this edition by allowing customers to place bets on key moments in real time. Needless to say, this further builds on their betting and entertainment experience.

The Pulse offers consumers the ability to wager on significant events in real time. FanDuel casino has called it a new curated experience on sportsbook, adding that it enables customers to bet on those moments that matter the most. The feature can be accessed on the home page of FanDuel.

Simultaneously, FanDuel has announced that it is offering Live Same Game Parlay for the first time in its history. It will be available for betting throughout the NBA season to offer the best experience in entertainment and in-game betting. Fans have the liberty to build their parlays as the game progresses with action, allowing them to have new opportunities with a match-up per quarter.

The development comes days after FanDuel announced the launching of mobile sports betting in Kentucky. It is the official partner of Churchill Downs, and people in the region can now access the platform with their mobile devices, provided they are connected to the Internet.

FanDuel and the NBA are doing their best to bring an elevated experience to customers and fans. Whether it is betting or entertainment, FanDuel has expressed its confidence in being the best in both segments.

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