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Fedor Holz takes on Chris Brewer

Fedor Holz took on Chris Brewer in the live high-roller poker tournament, Triton Poker. This is a $25,000 7-Handed No-Limit Hold’em event played out in London. Out of a total of 120 participants, the finishing line witnessed the battle between the two giants, Feder Holz and Chris Brewer. Fedor Holz, who is the brand ambassador for GGPoker, managed to hold onto his share of the chips and was ultimately crowned the winner. The German managed to walk off with a winning amount of $609,853. The second in line, Brewer, too, won an almost similar amount, $600,647, thanks to the ICM chop that occurred before the commencement of the game. 

As part of another Triton happening, Luc Greenwood, who is a seasoned Canadian player, came out on top of the list of $25,000 GGMillion$ No-Limit Hold’em 8 Handed. The total participants, in this case, were 107, with 55 rebuys. Luc Greenwood carried off with him the winning amount of $897,000. If added to his previous earnings, it would reach the figure of $5.6 million in totality. His brother, Sam Greenwood, is credited with winnings amounting to a total of $33 million, second only to Daniel Negreanu, who accumulated $51 million in poker earnings.

After his epic win in 2016, which Holz made for himself $16 million, his focus on poker abated to the extent that he only participated in big-time games but with less frequency. It was in July 2017 when he once again raked in $444,893 in a No-Limit Hold’em event at Triton Poker Montenegro. As per his conversation with the Triton commentator, Ali Nejad, he admitted the fact that it is the risk factor that keeps him attached to the game and the uncertainty regarding it all. Holz has managed to make for himself $3 million in 2023 via live tournaments.

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