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FIFA Launches Football for Schools Programme in France

France has become the second UEFA member to launch the Football for Schools program officially. Students of Year 9 at Les Grands Champs School were in attendance when the program was officially launched in the region.

This marks an exciting time for the students in France as Football will now be an inseparable part of their school activities. The objective of the Football for Schools program is to contribute to the empowerment of children by teaching the sport in their education system.

The Football for Schools program has been crafted with the collaborative efforts of FIFA and UNESCO. France officially launched the program after an agreement was signed on April 08, 2022, between FIFA, FFF (or the French Football Federation), and the French Ministry of National Education, Youth Affairs, & Sport.

FIFA’s initiative takes football to every school through a mobile application that anyone can download and access.

As per the sports news, Alexandre Gros explained that the application could be downloaded on any mobile, adding that the idea was based on the thought that football is fun and that it projects important messages & values everyone must learn in life.

Football for Schools is a plug-and-play program that provides hours and weeks of activities appropriate to the age of children participating in the program. It promotes physical education and training by teaching the sport within the curriculum or extracurricular activities.

Also known as F4S, the Football for Schools program brings positive energies to the children’s overall education.

Students responded positively to the program, especially how it was introduced. Ilyes, a classmate, said that boys & girls were learning about the sport together with no one making any point about it.

Another student, Romine, called it a great idea, saying that students were surprised when they were put in with the boys, but it only brought them closer with a message that there is no gender in the sport.

Students who watch a lot of football on their television but rarely play the sport will now have the chance to study about it and experience the game on the field.

France launching the Football for Schools program has theoretically taken everyone to the upcoming FIFA World Cup schedule. Tickets are available for sale during the specified time window, and football sports betting sites are also gearing up with a range of odds that participants will be able to choose.

Fatimata Sidibe, the Programme Director of Football for Schools, said the program brings positive values and encourages positive attitudes and enthusiasm. Fatimata also said that the program challenges kids in a fun manner, empowering them to make decisions and take responsibility for their actions in a supportive environment.

Gianni Infantino, the President of FIFA, had outlined his vision for football. The Football for Schools program considers that vision and looks to make the sport global.

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