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FIFA President and Other Representatives Visit Guatemala

Guatemala is a country in the Central American region that made history by qualifying for the FIFA World Cup Under-20 scheduled next year in Indonesia. However, that is not the only thing that has made the headlines recently.

Gianni Infantino, the President of FIFA, visited Guatemala to review the conditions related to the sport. He prioritized the game’s development in the country by offering all the necessary assistance possible.

Fedefut’s High-Performance Center is an example of what can be achieved with the support of the FIFA Forward Project. This is in addition to the country qualifying for the Under-20 category. Gianni Infantino was assisted by other executive members of the committee and representatives from the local leagues & clubs with the main objective of talking about Football.

The delegation included:-

  • Arsene Wenger, the Chief Development Officer
  • Pierluigi Collina, the Chairman of FIFA’s Referee Committee
  • Jill Ellis, FIFA Women’s World Cup winning coach

Pierluigi Collina and Jill Ellis mainly interacted with their counterparts to discuss the development of local talent and improve the standard of refereeing. FIFA’s Talent Development Scheme came to light as well during the interactions.

As per the sports industry news, Gianni Infantino believes Football in Guatemala is now entering a new era with a higher chance that Guatemala could become a prime example for all aspiring nations to make it big in the league. Gianni Infantino thanked the new administration for pulling off the success despite having a few complicated years on their way.

The FIFA delegation was also greeted by Alejandro Giammattei, the President of Guatemala, followed by a lunch session.

Gianni Infantino appreciated the overall hospitality of the country after his first visit, and he said it was a beautiful country with a lot of history, Football, and beach soccer. Bringing the focus back on Football, Gianni Infantino reiterated that the delegation was in Guatemala to discuss, debate, talk, and decide about the future projects in Guatemala that aim to develop the sport in the country. As a result, this would pave a way for an increasing number of sports betting sites in Indonesia.

Gianni Infantino highlighted further that government support would be crucial for developing the sport and working with everyone on every level.

A visit by the President of FIFA to Guatemala and the country’s qualification for the Under-20 World Cup brings a lot of need to re-evaluate who would win the tournament. Some Football betting sites will provide important data to decide, but it would all rely on one’s study, sports knowledge, and intuition to make things work.

Developing the sport in Guatemala will set the trend for other similar countries to follow and bring their teams to the top. While this will add competition to all the events organized by FIFA, Football betting sites will surely not leave a chance to make it more entertaining for their users.

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