Five more gaming sites added to the Block List by ACMA

The ACMA continues taking strict actions against betting platforms that are operating in Australia without a license, thereby putting a lot of players at risk without their knowledge. Also known as the Australian Communication and Media Authority, the ACMA has announced in these lines that it has now added five more websites to the Block List. It basically contains platforms operating in the region without being compliant with the required regulations.

Since it began taking action in November 2019 against unauthorized internet gambling, the ACMA has blacklisted 835 websites. According to ACMA data, around 215 illegal gambling enterprises have left the Australian market since 2017.

The most recently added websites to the Block List are Play Fina, Viperspin, Betandplay, Comic Play Casino, and Just Casino. All these websites, or other websites too, for that matter, have been found to be violating the Interactive Gambling Act 2001. While the specifics are not mentioned, it is enough to say that not following regulations pertaining to having a license for the operation would get any platform suspended by the ACMA.

Needless to say, this is for the greater good of Australians, who were earlier at risk of losing their funds to these platforms. Moreover, data falls under the potential target when such platforms collapse—or even when they are operating in the black market.

Adding five more platforms to the Block List is a development that comes days after the ACMA launched BetStop. It is a self-exclusion program for Australians who wish to stop placing bets on the internet or with operators via telephone. The only condition is that the relevant authorities should license the operators they deal with.

It is only now that it becomes clear why the ACMA has been going after unlicensed platforms.

Statistics surprisingly show that Australians lose a lot of money through betting. This roughly comes to AU$1850 per person every year. The number is just an average, and there are many people who lose more than that. Also, this is a number that can otherwise be put to better use. The Australian Government, led by Anthony Albanese, and the ACMA are very well aware of this fact. Hence, such stringent actions are being taken.

According to the gambling news, New Jersey, a place away from Australia, is not hesitating from taking strict actions either. Its Division of Gaming Enforcement went ahead and fined online bookmaker PointsBet $25,000 for violating three laws, including wagering on minors. Another violation is for in-state college betting and illegal European soccer bets.

The ACMA continues to work toward saving its people’s interests by adding unlicensed operators to the Block List.

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