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FoggyStar Receives $5M for New Crypto Gambling Token

Foggy Star, the popular crypto casino, is making big moves to create very dedicated ow gambling tokens. As the next step towards growing its brand, the casino will introduce its very own crypto tokens. Surprisingly, this young casino has already accumulated 5 million US dollars for this crypto project. Reportedly, the funds were largely funneled by investors from Japan and Canada. The funds would primarily be used for scaling the gambling ecosystem of Foggy Star to implement the new tokens.

Despite being in operation for less than a year, Foggy Star has already accumulated a great fandom. The success owes much to the suite of games and crypto acceptance. FoggyStar’s game collection includes names from big developers like Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, and Play’n Go. According to the Foggy Star team, the casino is striving to bring new technologies and innovative projects to bring the casino experience to a whole new level. 

The next step in the evolution of the casino involves bringing a dedicated gambling token. The FoggyStar team believes that blockchain, metaverse, and NFTs will be the new tools for the brand to grow in crypto iGaming. The new token is expected to offer more freedom and opportunities in bringing new user experiences. The launch of the new token is also expected to bring in some attractive promotions and benefits like bonuses and free spins for the users. A crypto casino free spins or bonus can increase your chances of getting the grand prize during the games. As per the reports, the casino has already launched a bonus gaming producer directed toward the crypto gambling community.

The casino’s further plans involve venturing into the metaverse space. The idea is to create an iGaming environment for crypto gambling enthusiasts. CEO David Baszucki from Roblox Corporation states that the metaverse is prevalent, becoming a tool of “human co-experience.” These tools will soon transcend from gaming to incorporate most of the social and community activities in the very near future, he believes. So, the metaverse will be an integral part of the casino’s plans to expand businesses.

As per the official statement, FoggyStar’s attempts are not intended to create just a product. It expects to bring the current trends into the picture while keeping the interests and needs of the customers right at the top. Moreover, the project always strives to bring security and transparency to its infrastructure to get the best possible user experience out there. The $5 million funds will be put to their best use to improve the scalability of the casino.

The recent months have witnessed a great shift in the tendency of online casinos and betting platforms to become involved with the crypto industry. A few weeks ago, DraftKings joined the Polygon network as a validator to have an active part in the crypto ecosystem. Betonline recently became the first crypto casino to accept Apecoin.

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