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Football Clubs Seem Helping During Testing Times

Coronavirus Pandemic has hit many countries in the world. In this regard, a joint statement has been released by the major Football authorities, i.e., the European Football League, Football Association, Premier League, and the FSA (Football Supporters’ Association). The Football authorities have reassured that the game will begin soon as it is safe to play it. This joint statement has been issued to answer back all the queries which are plaguing the fans of this game. It has urged its supporters to stay calm during these stressful periods. It is unsure when the Football season will begin again. The supporters of this game are being asked to extend their support. The various Football clubs are working hard to provide a full gamut of support services for their communities. These clubs’ employees endorsed with the EFL are helping in the arrangement of food for the foodbanks, sending medicines, and making calls to those who need support in these shaking times.

The groups consisting of football clubs’ supporters have been lending an active hand in gathering money through local communities for treating the COVID-19 patients. They are also helping the employees of the National Health Service to perform their services. These groups are sending across the care packages to those whose lives have become disrupted by this pandemic.

The spread of the Coronavirus has affected daily lives because of lockdown imposed in so many countries. Employment has been shut down for so many people who are finding it tough to make ends meet. Therefore, these groups are also providing food to food banks to be donated to such helpless and unemployed people.

These authorities have requested the fans to follow government orders to curb the spread of this pandemic.  All the correspondence about the start of the next Football season will come from these authorities.

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