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French Cup semis are in the bag for PSG after sweeping over Nice

PSG hosted Nice in their backyard, giving them a chance to make it to the semis of the French Cup. Since there could be only one entrant, PSG decided to entertain fans with a 3-1 victory instead of going sweet. An assertion of victory came in the first 15 minutes when Kylian Mbappe found the back of the net. That kickstarted the 90-minute thrill at Parc des Princes.

Ruiz made it double with a goal in the 33rd minute. Bulka stayed busy throughout the first half as the defensive stretch of Nice failed to come in handy. Gaetan attempted to equalize the score by opening an account on the board. He made it with an opener in the 37th minute, but the team overall fell short in the next moments. Lucas finally nailed the last spot in the 60th minute, ensuring that at least two goals had to be let go for a balanced tally.

Nice never capitalized on any moment for their possession, which was minimal at 35%. Taking 15 shots meant better chances, out of which only four were taken on target. To reiterate, there was never a moment when they could capitalize on the momentum they had gained.

PSG, on the other hand, took a total of 18 shots, with six of them on target. The side dominated in terms of possession in the quarterfinals of the football tournament. PSG will now face Stade Rennais on April 3, 2024, for the semi-final of the Coupe de France. The other side comes in with a similar win, but against Le Puy. 

Bryan brought the first for his team in the 61st minute, falling short since Benjamin had already scored the winning edge via a penalty. Arthur scored a goal in the 9th minute, and Benjamin took the last one in the concluding moments of the game. Stade Rennais led the charge with an aggressive attack. They are likely to take it forward in the semis against PSG. In the last decade, PSG has emerged victorious in the competition six times. Hence, this provides static information for those who want to wager on online football sportsbooks.

Interestingly, in the quarterfinals, the other two football games in the tournament landed a winner through penalty rounds. Rouen and Valenciennes had a single goal each before the latter delivered a deficiency of two nets to the opponent for a 4-2 win. Lyon bagged a 4-3 win on penalty when both sides failed to find the net in the usual 90-minute window.

Lyon and Valenciennes will play the first set of the semis. PSG and Rennes will follow the next day. Mbappe is leading the chart with the highest number of goals (7). Kilian follows him with six goals on the table.

As for Nice, they were confident about a win after a 4-1 advancement against Montpellier in the Round of 16. Different players scored all four goals, indicating a fair workload distribution. It was only against PSG that the side probably fell due to its defensive line-up.

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