GambleAware publishes the list of organizations eligible for the Community Resilience Fund

A total of 22 organizations across Great Britain will receive monetary support from GambleAware through its Community Resilience Fund. The announcement for the same has been made by GambleAware through a news statement highlighting that the program will roll out 1.24 million pounds to support communities suffering from gambling harm.

Community Resilience Fund was launched last year in response to the cost-of-living crisis to specifically help minoritized, and marginalized communities deal with gambling harm.

It is believed by GambleAware that people residing in more deprived areas experience gambling harms three times more gambling harm than those who reside in less deprived areas. Funds are allocated provided the organizations are committed to offering help and guidance to people.

As per the latest applications received, several organizations have come up with rather innovative ways to deal with the problem. This includes sport for change, podcast production, and implementing projects to remove the stigma around the issue or, at best, lower the stigma.

Some of the successful projects include:

  • Refugee Access
  • Derbyshire Alcohol Advice Service
  • Big Issue Foundation

The fund allocated to the organizations will be evaluated throughout the period, with the presentation of the final reports scheduled for April 2024. The ultimate goal is to reduce health inequalities in some of the most disadvantaged communities. A few organizations have, therefore, chosen to offer mental health support along with other traditional assistance.

All the organizations have been chosen by a panel of experts that includes two lived experience members.

According to online poker news, Anna Hargrave, the Chief Commissioning Officer at GambleAware, said that they were delighted to announce the list of the recipients for the Community Resilience Fund. Anna has added that the fund will allow them to support a wide range of activities while assisting them to continue performing the vital work to address the issue within the communities.

An assurance has been laid down to enhance the support in addressing all the issues since the cost-of-living crisis may lead to a larger number of cases in the future.

Coram Field is one of the organizations to have received the fund. Evans Omondi, the Youth Programme Manager, has said that their community will now be able to grow with the assistance extended by GambleAware through the Community Resilience Fund. This will have a better reach and far better impact on providing targeted assistance to young people. 

Furthermore, the three-step method of outreach, individual support and trust-building will enable young people, particularly those within the age range of 13 to 19, to make optimistic life decisions.

Evans has said that the group will abide by the three-step approach of reaching out to the affected persons, building trust with them, and then supporting them to recover from the harm.

Every step taken by Coram Field, or any other selected organization for that matter, will empower young minds by instilling a sense of confidence. A lot of focus will be on education and awareness campaigns – including interventions, treatment, & other types of support – to help the communities that have been affected in Great Britain.

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