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GGPoker is OfferingCashback Rewards to Players in GGPlatinum Community

Players joining GGPoker’s invitation-only group, GGPlatinum Community, will receive cashback rewards. In addition, the platform also offers players the right to decide how GGPoker will handle its future online poker operations.

While bronze, silver, and gold offer premium rewards, Platinum is providing even better perks. Players can get more details about the community by emailing GGPoker. Any eligible player can earn discounts, have access to information regarding new events, quick issue resolution, and even direct feedback about GGPoker’s future.

Players should note that Fish Buffet’s Platinum levels have no ties to the GGPlatinum Community. Users from any Fish Buffet level can join the community as long as they are eligible. There is no official statement describing the eligibility requirements, but players from different levels have already joined the community.

Similar to the new GGPlatinum Community, the Fish Buffet also received an upgrade. Its new Platinum level replaced the Black levels. The change came back in February when GGPoker decided to replace the highest rung rewards ladder with Platinum.

The best part about the Fish Buffet is its leveling mechanism. It allows players to reach the highest level without actually doing so. It means that players at Whale, Octopus, and Fish levels can collaborate to reach the Platinum status. Players at Shark level always stay at Platinum. Knowing that even those at the lowest level, the fish level, can reach the Platinum level is reassuring to players.

Here is an overview of the cashback scheme for users:

  • Players at the Platinum rank can get 1 dollar for 167FP, averaging 60% cashback.
  • Players at the Platinum Shark rank can get 1 dollar for 182FP, averaging 55% cashback.
  • Players at the Platinum rank can get 1 dollar for 200FP, averaging to 50% cashback.
  • Players at the Platinum rank can get 1 dollar for 285FP, averaging 35% cashback.
  • Finally, players at the Platinum rank can get 1 dollar for 500FP, averaging to 20% cashback.

The latest Platinum Community will not be the standalone development in the GGPoker ecosystem. The platform recently added Battle Royale, an intuitive format offering fast-paced operations similar to games like PUBG and Fortnite. The format was an addition to Spin & Gold and Flip & Go, increasing fun and rewarding activities for users.

However, the biggest addition for GGPoker is yet to start. Come August, GGPoker will host the international round of the WSOP Online 2021, offering 33 Gold Bracelets.

GGPoker is among the operators that leveraged the opportunities presented by the pandemic to become an industry leader. With GGPoker’s Main Event 2020, the operator offered the biggest prize pool. Although the community does not expect GGPoker again to offer a prize pool of 27.5 million dollars, the event will bring immense prospects to GGPoker.

With the main event about to start, GGPoker is certain to rack up huge earnings from the Platinum Community’s launch.

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