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WPT Gardens Main Event: Calvin Lee gets eliminated in 9th place

The WPT Gardens Poker Championship is picking up pace as Day 3 ends with Calvin Lee getting eliminated.

The crowd-favorite started the day with a healthy chip margin but failed to capitalize on it. Thus, Lee had to leave the table in 9th place, earning 32,900 dollars.

According to the latest poker news, Ryan Salunga is currently leading the table with 5,775,000 chips.

At the start of the event, it appeared like 22 players would play at the final WPT table. However, only 8 players have the opportunity to play at the final table. Unfortunately, Calvin Lee is not a part of the pack.

The poker sensation got out during Hand 72 against the current chip leader. Salunga opened the hand with 120,000 from under the gun. In return, Lee went all in for 210,000 chips.

Salunga proceeded with the play and called the hand. Salunga held an A and 4 of diamonds, while Lee held a pair of 3. It was basically a coin flip on who will win, but the board had other plans.

The dealer turned J of spades, 10 of clubs, 8 of hearts, K of spades, and 4 of spades. Salunga spiked a four on the river, which ended Lee’s contention in the competition.

The play for the final table will resume on May 26 with players facing blinds of 50,000-75,000 with a 75,000 big blind ante. Take a look at the final table with 8 players remaining:

  • Ryan Salunga: 5,775,000 (77 big blinds)
  • Chris Lee: 4,000,000 (53 big blinds)
  • Ky Nguyen: 2,000,000 (26 big blinds)
  • Joseph Deluca: 1,475,000 (19 big blinds)
  • Brad Owen: 1,175,000 (15 big blinds)
  • Thomas Choi: 1,075,000 (14 big blinds)
  • Steven Spunt: 850,000 (11 big blinds)
  • Joshua Lachman: 675,000 (9 big blinds)

The play will start at 12 PM Pacific time, with a maximum of 90 minutes needed to eliminate players. 

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