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Bestbet to Host Card Player Poker in June

One of the most awaited live tournaments of Poker in the US is back at the Bestbet Jacksonville. This North Florida poker hotspot has hosted two marquee tournament series right from the start of 2021- The Winter Open and Spring Series. These two poker events were smashing hits, which saw more than 4000 entries with the prize money of $3.3 million.

In the next major series, the venue will witness the Bestbet Jacksonville team coming together with the CPPT. It will be an 11-event series. This is the 8th time the CPPT is partnering with Bestbet Jacksonville to put on the series.

Bestbet Executive Director of Poker Operations Jesse Hollander said that they are looking forward to the Card Player Poker Tour, which will be the first partnership series and is glad to welcome the CPPT back.

Hollander also expects the hype to stay for long since the event had a nearly million-dollar prize pool. All the preliminary events will have big fields, and players are highly excited to attend the game.

The entire event will kick off with $560 with no limit to hold. There will be three flights to choose from, and the final event match will go live on bestbetLIVE.  Like every event, there will be re-entries for players during the registration period.

The Spring Series will attract around 741 entries with a pool prize of $363,104. The following Card Player Poker Tour will be $2500 in the main event. Under this, there are two flights, one on June 25 and the other on June 26 with 30,000 in chips.

In the previous event of CPPT at Jacksonville in 2019, it saw Dylan Drazen beating out 329 entries with the prize of $1100.

Although players and organizers are excited about the event, the players’ and employers’ safety is also vital. One can get the complete list of safety protocols on the official website of

About Bestbet Jacksonville

Bestbet Jacksonville began its journey in 1934 under Jacksonville Greyhound Racing. In the initial stage, Poker was introduced at the exact location in the year 2012. Presently, there are 63 poker tables along with 24 tables. Along with the Card Player Poker Tour, there are other games played at the venue. The venue also hosts some exciting promotions, which players can find on the official website.

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