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How to Play Online Pokies for Real Money in Australia

For many years now, slots have remained the favorite game of many casino players’ online and land-based facilities. The list of old and new Australian poker machines (Aussie online pokies) to play online for real money or free is on the increase. That is no coincidence at all. The considerable number of players behind the game is easily explained by these slot games’ profitability and quality entertainment. Interestingly, the popularity of slots extends beyond the confines of gambling avenues. These days, you can also find pokies in hotels and pubs. That’s because anyone can use these machines effectively, even with very little or no experience at all.

The fact that players can turn in very little money for a chance to win massive prizes is what attracts most players and makes the game so much in demand. It is why, to a large extent, many casinos dedicate more than half of their collections to slots only. So, they can cater to the needs of all their players.

The slots that we have today come with so many features like wilds, multipliers, and bonus spins. In some cases, there are progressive jackpots that keep increasing with every spin. Game developers put in these bonuses to improve the gaming experience of players making it more rewarding.

Basically, for every player that wants to have fun with slots, there is a slot type waiting for him. However, even with the simplicity of the game, new punters should play with caution. While the bets you can make on these slots may seem small per time, the game’s pace can sometimes become very fast, leading to massive losses, especially with multi-line slots. This is why, as a new player in slot games, you need guidance.

This guide is put together for punters who are new to slot gaming to understand how the game works and how they can play well to win money.

These are Pokies For Real Money!

For many people, betting with online pokies real money is a preferable option against going to land-based casinos. That’s because online slots guarantee a more convenient and thrilling experience. Little wonder, online casinos that pay lots of attention to their pokies machines are famous amongst punters. Whether online or on land, slots work with the same principle; however, online pokies are more appealing and diverse. All pokies use Random Number Generators (RNGs) in determining which player gets winning or losing combinations. The only notable difference is the convenience that comes with online slots. That is, you can play from your computer or mobile at home at any time you feel like playing the game. Additionally, video slots in online casinos are usually better because they offer higher payout percentages.

  • To start playing an online slot, players must first ensure that the money in their bankroll is just enough to get them through their gambling session.
  • After selecting the game to play, punters need to be sure if the game’s pay lines are adjustable. Fixed pay lines mean players must bet on all gambling lines available in the slot at the same time. On the other hand, a flexible win line means players can decide the number of lines that they would gamble with per time.
  • Then the player needs to set the value of his coins. One of the peculiarities that come with online slots is the coins. Unfortunately, not all players understand how the coin value works. Often, you find players, especially the newbies mixing things up when it comes to selecting their coin denominations. You should know that the coin denominations indicate the value each coin will carry as part of your bet. The values range from 0.01 to 1.0, depending on the game you are playing in most cases. Keep in mind that the coin value alone does not determine the value of your bet. Instead, your coin’s value multiplied by the number of lines on which you choose to bet determines your stake.

Value of Coin

  • So, to choose the minimum bet on a slot, punters must select a combination of the lowest number of pay lines allowed and the lowest coin value. Similarly, to place the highest bet, they must combine the maximum pay line with the highest value coins.

You would have noticed that there are different types of slots. The following are the types of slots.


This type of slot is best suited for new players having small budgets and simple gameplay. They usually have three reels, and they feature fruits, lucky 7s, and bars as symbols. The name classic slots come from the fact that they look like the slot machines used in land casinos. Because of the number of reels and rows, classic slots usually have a limited number of pay lines. In most cases, they come with one pay line, and sometimes, you can have up to 3 or 5 win lines. Besides, they offer between two or three-coin values, and so, betting options come with tight limits.

Video Pokies

These are slots that use digital screens as against spinning reels. Most of the online pokies that were produced for land casinos in 2020 are of this type.

3D Slots 

There is a collective name for slots that use sophisticated 3-Dimension computer animation and graphics. Recently, a lot of experimenting is going on in this area to include Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and many more into these slots.


These are slots with a unique design that emulates casinos in Vegas. The name generally refers to design and theme and usually has nothing to do with the game’s mechanics.

Fruit machines

They are variants of the classic type. Usually, they have three reels, and they feature fruits, lucky 7s, and bars as symbols.

3 Reels

Slots can also be classified using the number of reels they have. Until very recently, 3-reel slots were prevalent in casinos. They typically have a small number of pay lines (usually three at maximum) and have limited betting options.

5 Reels

5-reel slots are the most common slots we have today. Like the name, they have five reels, and they give players several opportunities to win. Their number of paylines usually varies from 9, and in some cases, you can have more than 1,000 ways.


Slots in this category are also called progressive jackpot slots. These pokies have a big win pot that punters can win while playing or over several pokies of the same type globally.

Basic rules to apply on real money online pokies

Basic Rules to Apply on real money online pokiesTo make the best of real money pokies, punters must pay attention to the following recommended rules.

  • You should ensure that you place your bets with casinos that have licenses and an excellent online reputation.
  • Play pokies with high RTP to get a decent win.
  • Ensure that you register at the casino and make deposits using any of the payment methods available to you.
  • Play on all active paylines for pokies with an adjustable line bet.
  • Choosing a casino is as important as choosing your games. Therefore, consider the pros and cons of different games before jumping in to play with real money.

Probability Formula for Real Money Pokies

Every slot comes with a probability score that tells you the chances you have at winning. It is a sort of rough estimate on how much you can expect from the slot in the long run. Before we talk about the depths, first, we will explain some terms.


  • RNG (Random Number Generator): The reason why you have probability in the first place is that winnings in slots are entirely due to chance. This is done so that all the games are fair to the players and the casino. To achieve this feat, pokies employ a computer program called Random Number Generator (RNG). Like the name, the software generates numbers that are very close to random, which control the winning combination in slots.
  • Winning combination: This refers to the number of symbols that you need to appear in a certain way to win in a slot. Most slots use a minimum of three signs lying either adjacent or next to themselves on any pay lines.
  • Instant play: A slot with instant play means you can play the slot directly on the casino website without downloading any software.
  • Bonus feature: This a particular part of a game that increases your extra opportunity to win.
  • Odds of winning: This refers to how likely it is for you to win money in a slot. That boils down to many factors like the RTP, the volatility, and the percentage payout.
  • Payouts: The payout percentage gives you a rough estimate of how much a slot would take from players and return to them as winnings over some time.

So, how do you calculate probability in slots? The key to doing this lies in the payout percentage. Remember that no pokies machine has a payout of 100%. Well, the difference between the value and 100% is called the house edge. In terms of probability, all slots are rigged to give casinos a certain percent of all your stakes.

Let’s assume you place a bet of 100 dollars in a slot with 95% RTP. That means you would lose 5 dollars from all your earnings to pokies in terms of probability.

How to Play for Real Money?

  • Choice of casino

Choose Reputable, safe online casinos with the highest security standards legal in your country. Australia, Canada, New Zealand.

  • The Guarantee and Excess Approach

When playing slots, it is advised that you set a goal for yourself. Have an idea of how much you plan to win and, most importantly, how much you can afford to lose. The key here, however, is discipline. Be determined whatsoever; when you reach your loss limit, you have to quit the game. Avoid chasing your losses, as that will only eat deeper into your bankroll.

While setting your bet limit, as a rule, you should not go below 50% of the bankroll you started with.Guarantee and Excess

  • Do Not Quit Immediately After Winning

This mistake is common amongst many players. Immediately after a big win, probably due to a massive multiplier, they rush off to cash out. The reason for this is a false fact that casinos have “cold turns.” The truth is when you do this, you reduce your potential to make the best out of the slot.

  • Adjusting the Bet Size on a Good Roll

Immediately after you win, increase the size of your wager for your next spin. For instance, let’s say you placed a bet with two coins, and it wins; simply raise the next bet to three coins. If you win, you get a higher price, and if you lose, you would be back to your two coins. It’s a win-win scenario!

  • Making Maximum Bets

If you have a good roll on a winning slot, you can adjust your bets using the High/Low approach. Here, you should also bet the minimum number of coins you started with until you start winning. The only difference here is, when you win, you should switch to the maximum bet. If your winning streak continues, you should also continue with the maximum bet. However, when you lose, you revert to your original low bet.

  • Select bonus offers 

Make sure you look out for bonuses like free spins, no deposit bonuses, welcome and sign up bonuses. With these bonuses, you stand a better chance of increasing your earnings.

  • Check licenses

The license of your casino operator and that of the developer are crucial. Without permission, the casino is fraudulent and would either rip you off your money, give you unfair games or even do more harm.

  • Online pokies with the special bonus offer

Some games come with special bonus offers like Progressive jackpots and some other in-game features. The High/Low approach described above will help you make the best of these games for progressive jackpot games.  

  • Legalization, regulation, and responsible gaming

Be aware of pokies gambling addiction. To ensure you are safe, several regulators exist in many countries. Their job is to collaborate with a charity organization and the government to help people with addiction problems.   

  • Deposit Methods

For your comfort, most online casinos today accept varieties of reliable and easy-to-use payment methods. Asides from convenience, the form of deposit tells you a little about how trustworthy an online casino is, especially with PayPal. PayPal only allows online casinos to use their method of payment if they are duly licensed and registered. Therefore, Paypal accepted Australian pokies sites are usually very safe.

Other equally safe payment methods include Neteller, debit/credit cards by Mastercard, Visa, and maestro. You could also pay using Neteller, Skrill, and prepaid vouchers like those from PaySafeCard. Cryptocurrency is also becoming a critical method of payment in many online casinos.

  • Withdrawals

The system of withdrawal of a casino usually tells a lot about the casino. Therefore, before you register and start placing your bets with an online casino, ensure that you read through and see their terms of withdrawal.

Unlike land-based casinos with other streams of income from sales of drinks and so on, online casinos only depend on their players’ daily deposits. So, for most online casinos, withdrawals do not happen every time. Also, there are limits to the amount you can withdraw per time. Even so, the right casino should allow you to cash out funds at least twice a month. The withdrawal limit should also be reasonable enough. Please pay attention to these terms and conditions as they tell you whether to trust a casino or not.

withdrawal of a casino
It is possible to claim no deposit bonuses and free spins. That’s because some casinos offer bonuses in the form of free spins to their customers for registering. That is, so far you register, you will be given a bonus with free spins with or without making deposits. A good example is the BGO online casino, where you get 20 free spins just for signing up on the website.

Here are the best paying online casinos with the highest payouts.

  • PlayAmo Online Casino 
  • Pokie Spins Online Casino
  • Tangiers Online Casino
  • Spin Samurai Online Casino
  • Slotica Online Casino and many more

Best Online Pokies for Real Money with +97% RTP

The following are some of the best online pokies to play and keep what you win in Australia.

  1. Mega Joker: Designed by NetEnt, the game has an RTP of 99%. Also, it has a Progressive jackpot.
  2. Ugga Bugga pokies from Playtech has 99% RTP. Although it has fewer Bonus Features compared with Mega Joker and it lacks a progressive jackpot. However, it can offer you as much 1000x of your stake as a maximum win.
  3. Next on the list is Nemo’s Voyage from WMS gaming. This one has an RTP of 98.9%. Also, it has some Bonus rounds that you can play to increase your chances of winning.
  4. IGT’s Pixies of the Forest is next with an RTP of 98.83%. The game with 99 pay lines offers low but frequent wins with its low volatility rating.
  5. Starmania by NextGen Gaming is next with an RTP of 97.87%. An exciting feature of this game is its Chasing Wilds.
  6. Hot Ink from Microgaming has a 97.5% RTP. The 1024 ways to win a slot comes with several Bonus Features.
  7. Finally, there is the Big Bad Wolf slot from Quickspin with an RTP of 97.3%. This beautiful fairy tale slot comes with a unique swooping reels feature where symbols disappear after you land winning combinations.

Play pokies for fun

You can also play online pokies for fun in what is called demo sessions of free plays. The free plays allow you to feel all the action of the game without paying any amount. However, since you are not placing any bets, you cannot win real money with these free sessions. But then, the good news is these sessions give you a unique opportunity to learn how you can play online slots virtually without having to risk losing your money.

Everything about bonuses

Everything About BonusesOne of the most significant advantages one stands to gain from playing real money slots is the opportunity that comes with it to win massive bonuses. Players who play real money slots also have the chance to take part in various promotional campaigns as a reward for their loyalty to their casino of choice.

In contrast, free plays might give out bonuses, but they are usually not as large as what you get while playing for real money.

There are different bonuses to claim when you play real money slots. Some of them come along with the game as special in-game bonuses, while others come from the casino. Here is a detailed explanation of the bonuses.

Special in-game bonus features

These are special bonus rounds in slots that players can activate using special bonus symbols. These rounds increase the total payout offered by slots and capture players’ attention for extended periods. They could be of different types, including:

  • Free Spins: These are arguably the most popular bonuses in slots. To get free spins, punters have to have some bonus symbols above normal. Depending on the game, free spins may come with multipliers. However, there’s usually a drop in the number of multipliers you can get as the more free spins. Sometimes, depending on the slot, you might be allowed to reactivate the free spins bonus during the round.
  • “Click Me” Feature: A unique in-game feature requiring punters to pick between some options. Behind the options is usually a chance to win more and a chance to win nothing.
  • Wheel-Based bonus feature: Like the name, in this bonus feature, punters have to spin a wheel to win a prize. Since not all the wheel segments have prizes to be won, players can also leave this round empty-handed.
  • Arcade-Style: In this particular case, players play another game as a bonus round in their game. Depending on the slot, the in-game feature might require strategy, or it may not.
  • Gamble Feature: Finally, the gamble feature comes as an extra game. The gameplay would depend on the specifics of the slot that you choose; the games differ. However, the principles are the same. Like the name, you place your total earnings on a bet for a correct prediction. If you win, you get more money; if you lose, you lose all.

Real Money Bonuses

These are bonuses that you get for playing real money slots. They usually come as rewards from your online casino. They come in different kinds, sizes and with different names.
Real Money Bonuses
They include:

✔ Welcome Bonus

You get this bonus for being a new player, usually a large sum of money and free spins. However, in most cases, the money is not available to you except you make a certain deposit amount. Also, some casinos would only allow you to use the bonus as a wager for subsequent bets instead of giving it to you. For example, LeoVegas casino offers $2500 and 250 Free Spins as a welcome bonus.

✔ Reload Deposit Bonus

Also called a cashback bonus. You claim this bonus in some casinos when you use a specific type of deposit method of payment. The size of this bonus typically varies between 5% and 15% for many casinos. Omnia Casino offers 100 Free Spins, a 12% reload deposit bonus, along with loyalty bonuses.

✔ No Deposit Bonus

Typically, a fixed cash prize or some free spins can be claimed without making deposits at the casino. For instance, Slocum casino offers 20 free spins without deposit and a $1,000 deposit match.

✔ Free Spins Bonus

These are spins that come at no cost to the player asides from the ones that come with the game. When you get this bonus, you also get the slot’s name to use it by reading the terms and conditions.

More slot features


Interestingly, some pokies can be played offline with no internet connection. You can play these games instantly, or you download a casino app on your smartphones or tablets to access them. However, the offline mode is only available for free play sessions.

To play, you must first load the game before disconnecting from the internet. This means you can play your game anywhere and anytime you want. Not even the internet or Wi-Fi downtime can stop you from having fun when you want to!

This is legal in New Zealand, Australia, and Canada for all mobile devices like iPhone, Android, iOS. Keep in mind that you still need HTML 5, Flash, enabled on your Tablets, smartphones as the case may be to play.


What are the requirements for playing slots from mobile? HTML5 and Flash slots? What is the difference?

You can have your games on mobile just the same way you play on the desktop. Mobile phone pokies for real money slots are played almost the same way you play on desktop and land-based facilities.

Depending on the type of technology they use, the mobile casinos could be HTML5 slots or Flash slots. In the past, casinos employed the use of Flash in making their mobile technology. However, it comes with several problems, and at the moment, many developers use HTML5.

Firstly, HTML5 is free and open-source, while Flash comes with a price. Also, you will need a lot of computing power to use flash slots. But then, it has full audio and visual support for most activities. At the moment, Flash is becoming outdated, and many developers no longer use it.
Flash out
Whether you are playing a flash slot or an HTML5, here are some things you need:

  1. You need a device that has Adobe Flash installed if you are playing a flash slot. If you have seen an animation or watched videos on your device, it probably has adobe flash. If you are playing on an HTML slot, you need not worry, especially if your phone’s model is recent. Most new phones come enabled with HTML5. For those with older phones, Java compatibility should do.
  2. Next, you need to be registered online in the casino where you wish to play. If you are registered, you would be required to log in and start playing.
  3. You should have some free space on your device as some casinos allow you to download and install their mobile application for free. However, it’s not compulsory; if you do not have space, you can play directly on your browser.

As an iOS user, you can download your casino’s mobile application directly from the App store. This applies to iPhone and iPad users alike. For Android users, things might be a little challenging. Google has a strict policy that prohibits gambling with real money, and so you may not find the mobile applications of your casino on the Google Play store. Even at that, you can bet directly from your web browser—even if it’s chrome. If you still need the application, many casinos allow you to download the installation files from their website. Others would have you scan a unique barcode to get the application. In some cases, the casino might send you a link via email or text. It’s a thing of preference.

Popular Providers for Real Money Pokies

Popular Providers for Real Money PokiesRecently, we have seen an increase in the number of developers in the online gambling industry. That’s probably since online gambling has been doing very well of late. However, when it comes to getting the best, casino players do not just trust anyone. Punters prefer to place their bets with trusted developers who have proven themselves in safety and quality over the years. That is why the following developers and their games have stayed popular in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA.

  • Scientific Games made the news this year in August when a player won a $3,934,609 jackpot on their Dancing Drum Slot. The progressive slot that churned out this massive win is located in Bellagio, Las Vegas. As of now, their game with the highest payout is the Aftershock frenzy with an RTP of 97%.
  • Microgaming has to be one of the most hardworking developers in the industry. In November 2020, they churned out more than three titles. As of today, Hot Ink is Microgaming’s slot with the highest payout with an RTP of 97.5%.
  • Aristocrat recently changed its company brand logo to show you that they are bigger and better. The best Aristocrat pokies for real money and free to play for fun: slot machine list include Queen of the Nile II with RTP of 95.86%, Mr. Cashman with 95% RTP, Zorro with RTP of 95.5%, etc.
  • IGT recently launched one of the largest land-casino machines in the world. The one-of-a-kind slot comes with three screens, and they call it the Peak slant 32, the first of its kind in North America. As of today, IGT’s game with the highest payout is the Wheel of Fortune slot with 97% RTP.
  • Thunderkick celebrated its entry into the Romanian Gambling scene in 2020. This came as part of their expansion plans to fill the world with a thrilling game. Their best paying game is the Uncharted Seas, with an RTP of 98.6%.
  • NetEnt recently launched their NetEnt Touch platform. The platform supports iOS and Android and allows players to enjoy their favorite slots and table games. Their best payout slot as of now is the Mega Joker slot with 99% RTP.

New Online Pokies for Real Money 2021 

This year, we saw the online slot industry outgrow many of its counterparts. Even with the crisis, the industry, especially in Australia, witnessed substantial growth. This was because people took to gambling to avoid getting bored.

As a result, there was a tough competition this year amongst developers, leading to many thrilling and innovative titles.

At the moment, the top three trending pokies for real money and free are Goblin’s Cave, Starbust, and Sunrise reels. Goblin is from Playtech and has seen over 2500 visits from January till August this year. Starburst from NetEnt follows with over 1500 visits this year. Then there are sunrise reels from realistic games that have around 1000 visits.

New Online Pokies for Real Money 2021
Age of Asgard Slot

The best Top-rated online slots and pokie machines in 2020 include Starburst, Age of Asgard, Legacy of Egypt, and Guns N’ Roses. All these slots had a perfect rating score of 10 out of 10. Guns NRoses has an RTP of 96.98, Legacy of Egypt follows with 96.50 while Age of Asgard and Starbust have 96.20% and 96.10%.

Countries to Play Pokies: Legibility and Payments

Country Characteristics Licenses Popular payment methods
Australia & New Zealand Pokies are legal in all parts of Australia and New Zealand. Licencing is handled at the state level. MasterCard, Visa, BPAY, NETeller, Skrill, PayPal, etc
Canada The government of Canada allows real money casinos to operate throughout the country. The Canadian Gaming Commission regulates online gaming in Canada. Almost all methods are accepted including, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard BPAY, NETeller, Skrill, and many more.
USA People are allowed to play by law at the federal level in the United States. However, it might be difficult to make deposits online in some states. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission, along with the government of the US, is in charge of regulations. Paypal is the most accepted method of payment. Other methods include credit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets.
United Kingdom The United Kingdom allows people to play slots. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) is in charge of licenses in the UK. MasterCard, Visa, BPAY, NETeller, Skrill, PayPal, etc
European Union The European Union allows its countries to decide legislation as regards gambling in their respective territories. There is no specific Commission in charge of regulating gambling in the EU. This varies across countries.

Online Pokies for Real Money in Australia

Online Pokies for Real Money in AustraliaPlay the best online pokies for real money (for real cash) with no deposit bonus online casinos that pay real money. The following are some reasons why you should play pokies online for real money.

Regular Promotions

The best casinos give out promotions regularly. These promotions give you a unique opportunity to earn massively in cash prizes and lots of free spins.

Best real money pokies

Best online pokies for real money also called “best paying,” available to play with no deposit and sign-up bonus. The online casinos you will find in Australia offer the best experience in terms of gaming.

Best Safe Online casinos

Thanks to strict gambling regulations in Australia, many online casinos in the country are safe. But then, ensure you take the necessary precautions by checking their licenses to be sure you can play with them.

Low minimum deposit casinos

One of the advantages of betting online in Australia is that many casinos set their minimum deposit at low prices. You will find that most online casinos in Australia use a minimum deposit of $10. The low minimum deposit allows punters from all life works and budgets to enjoy their game without breaking the bank.

Sign up bonus

There is usually a significant amount of bonus waiting for you for signing up at Australian online casinos. The sign-up bonus is sometimes called a welcome bonus. Depending on the casino, the bonus might come with certain conditions.

RTP Values

Australian online casinos typically have high RTP values, usually higher than that of their land-based counterparts.

Free Credits and free chips

As you play in many of these Australian online casinos, you get chips and credits for free. In turn, you can use your chips to place bets in other games or convert them to real money and place bets in slots.

Safe online pokies

As regards the safety of your games, you need not worry. An added advantage of playing at Australian casinos is that they use developers to trust. That is, developers that are licensed to operate in Australia. Examples of these developers include NetEnt, IGT, etc.

Reviews and guides on how to play

One of the advantages of playing real money online in Australia is that there are several guides. If you are in doubt about anything relating to pokies in Australia, the internet is your friend. There are countless guides with rich content on the internet that would teach you how to play.

Download and instant play options

Another advantage of playing for real money online in Australia is that there are different play options available depending on what you want. You can download the application of your casino, and at the same time, you can play through your browser, or if you want, you can opt-in for instant play.


Can you win real money on online pokies?

Yes, real money online slots allow you to place bets and win money so far you win

Can you play online pokies in Australia?

Yes, online pokies are legal in Australia.

What is the best online casino for real money?

The best casino for real money is a thing of preference. There are many casinos out there offering different types of games with different types of bonuses. It’s up to you to find the casino that suits you.

What games win real money?

Usually, all real money slots win real money; so far, you are not playing their demo version.

Do online casinos really payout?

Yes, except you are dealing with a fraudulent casino, all online casinos payout. However, because they do not have as much turnover daily as in land-based casinos, their payouts might not come often.

What are the best paying online pokies?

The best paying online pokies include Mega Joker and Ugga Bugga slots with an RTP of 99% each. There is also Nemos Voyage with an RTP of 98.9%. 

Are they really random?

Well, Slots are not actually at random. But then, they are as close to random as can be. They work with RNGs that generate numbers in patterns that are very close to random.   

Are online pokies rigged?

Yes, a certain percentage of your bets, called the house edge, goes to the casino no matter what you do.

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Maxine holds a bachelor degree in journalism, and she has worked as a freelance writer with foremost publications. Recently, Maxine has joined our team as a news editor. As she is passionate for casino and gambling industry, she conventionally contributes the latest news and reviews for casinos.

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