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GIG expands iGaming in Spain and Argentina with strategic alliances

Gaming Innovation Group (GiG), a pioneer in the iGaming industry, has enthusiastically declared its involvement in strategic partnerships to expand the reputation of its SportX sportsbooks and CoreX iGaming platform to Spain and Argentina. GiG is ecstatic to have obtained these agreements, which it regards as an indication of its continued success. The fact that these advancements are ongoing is excellent evidence of the coverage and satisfaction of GiG’s X-Suite solutions, which continue to wow operators in regulated markets across Latin America and Europe with their inventive potential.

Under this announcement, the first partnership is with Juegging, a renowned operator in Spain that provides sports wagering and online and land-based casino services. This advancement will empower Juegging to substantially restructure its sports wagering brand and leverage the capabilities of supplementary content and payment providers. With its renowned scalability, ergonomic design, and customization functionalities, the X-Suite endeavors to enhance user engagement and retention, thereby facilitating Juegging’s expansion in the Spanish market. The DGOJ, Spain’s regulatory body, projects that the gaming industry in Spain will surpass €2 billion per year in gross gaming revenues (GGR) over the next three years. This action is taken at a time when the sector is on the verge of exceeding that mark.

According to the casino news, GiG further advances its expansion trajectory by signing an innovative agreement with SIGAR S.A., the Argentine market regulator, regarding the utilization of the CoreX platform within the country’s regulated market. This collaboration is emphasized as GiG further expands its presence in Argentina, where it has long provided electricity to businesses in seven distinct regulated provinces. SIGAR aims to leverage GiG’s exceptional proficiency in transitioning established land-based casino operators to the digital realm, drawing from the firm’s track record of triumphant introductions of various brands in Europe and Latin America.

Based on research conducted by Statista, it is projected that the iGaming sector in Latin America will generate an enormous USD 3.7 billion in revenue by the year 2025. This notable achievement enables operators to integrate with regulated markets, with GiG, a renowned international provider, being the pioneer in this domain.

According to Andrew Cochrane, the Chief Business Officer of GiG, the demand for the SportX sportsbook and CoreX platform has been increasing in recent engagements. Cooperation will plant the seed for additional innovation and development for its regulated market partners. Moreover, he emphasized the criticality of X-Suite’s solutions in revolutionizing the benchmarks of the technology sector through the establishment of unprecedented advancements. By means of this support, Juegging and SIGAR can thrive in the fiercely competitive markets, thereby enabling Europe and Latin America to acquire state-of-the-art instruments that stimulate innovation and expansion.

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