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Ho Iat Seng is Macau’s Newly Elected Chief Executive

Ho Iat Seng will become the third leader of the world’s wealthiest Macau city since it changed from Portugal to China in 1999. He was expected by everyone to be selected as a Chief Executive of Macau city. His age is 62 and was born in China’s city, Macau. There are no direct links between Ho and the town’s dominant casino industry.

He is a businessman and former president of the legislative assembly, and he got elected of the MSAR (Macau Special Administrative Region). He will be named as the next chief executive of the city after Fernando Chui On. He will take over all the responsibilities to handle the city on December 20. He will lead to this position for five years. There is a possibility of reselection for the next five years. He is a good, right, and loyal candidate for this position.

He will be going to have several big projects that are tied to the gambling industry, which includes casino concessions in 2022. Macau is a big gaming city that attracts all types of tourists. He was chosen by Macau’s election committee of 400 people. He ran uncontested and got support from 98% of committee people. Many individuals belong to the organizations that are respectively from China’s government.

Macau is taking a step forward and expanding itself beyond gaming. There will be a larger tourism industry which includes all types of visitors. It can be gambling as well as non-gambling tourists. In 2022, all the gambling licenses will roughly expire, and it cannot be reissued easily. There are good chances for all the concession holders to retain their licenses.   

According to the political commentator and observer of Hong Kong and Macau’s politics, Sonny Shiu-Hing, Ho is comparatively a good leader than Fernando Chui Sai-on. He is going to be different in leading the city than that of his predecessor who has been in power for about a decade. People have selected him with trust and loyalty. Therefore, he is expected to be a good chief executive of Macau city.

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