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How Casino Games Have Been Adapted for Online Play

One of the ways that online casino has been able to thrive is that it has taken tried-and-tested classics and given them a modern twist. Moving the essence of casino table games online already adds an extra element to them, and the industry has taken this and run with it in its several decades in operation. So, what classic games has the online casino industry been able to give a digital makeover?


Bingo is an extremely popular game in the UK. Whether it’s played in a village hall by people who have been playing for decades, or played in nightclubs with zany prizes and dancing breaks, it has remained popular. Part of this popularity is the adaptation of bingo to new audiences and new styles of play. Adding bingo to the online casino roster is another example of this. Online Bingo in the UK is popular, with the online element allowing for extra digital entertainment. For instance, one game is themed around the popular TV show Deal or No Deal, while another takes on the Greek mythology theme of Age of Gods. Digital media shows that there is a lot that can be done with the traditional game of bingo.


Slots are another casino staple and have gone through their own evolutions throughout the years, since their inception in the 1880s. From classic reels at casinos to special machines in bars, it wasn’t until they found their way online that slots have been able to flourish truly. Slot games have adapted to introduce franchises to the games – people can play Terminator, Jurassic World, Batman, and even Game of Thrones-themed slots in order to extend their experience with those in-game worlds.

There are even slots that incorporate videography and audio as part of the experience. For instance, the Kiss, Prince, Motorhead, and Guns N Roses slots are based around each of the artists’ sounds. Adding these elements shows how digital means can truly bring to life these classic casino games.

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Table Games

Table games are another element of the casino that has been brought to life online. Encompassing poker, roulette, and blackjack, the live casino has enabled players to see a dealer interact directly with them while playing online. Livestreaming technology allows players to have that added bit of tension ramped up in the game as the dealer interacts with them. Each year, the amount of live rooms grows, and as the gameplay style grows in popularity, we can only expect to see more rooms and more ways to engage. For instance, we could see more variants of each of the main table games – for the multiple rules in roulette, and the different versions of poker.

Modifying classic games to appeal to new audiences has enabled online casinos to thrive in the digital world truly. There is always the chance that these games won’t survive into their new formats, but slots, bingo, and table games have all been around for so long that their essence remains untouchable. Being able to engage with them online now may be looked upon as primitive in 100 years when we no doubt have a new way of playing these games.

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