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How to Turn Your Computer Station into a Mini-casino

Online casinos are fun, but they don’t quite capture the feel of a real casino. You can fix that. With a little bit of re-decorating, you can turn your office into a mini-casino complete with bells and whistles.

In re-decorating your workstation, the aim isn’t just to get the feel of a casino but to create a functional space to maximize your betting activities. Be it the online casino or sports betting from top reviewed sites like GTBets; these tips will guide you into doing that.

Fun ways to make your computer station like an actual casino

It doesn’t take much to redesign your computer station to give it that casino feel. Depending on your budget, you can go all out and blow up the whole room or stick with the basics. Regardless, take note of these key steps and go from here.

Decide on what your casino theme will be

Before you go redecorating your work station, you’ll need to decide what theme your mini-casino will be.

You can elect for the traditional and regal style of a casino. Take inspiration from some sovereign households like Buckingham Palace. 

Or maybe you fancy something a bit more whimsical, like a tropical beach theme.

You can also get inspired by different cities or cultures like Macau or ancient Egypt. Alternatively, you can choose another period like the 1980s for a retro background. Or go beyond anything earth-like and have a space-themed casino.

Your imagination is your limit. 

Install multiple displays
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Install multiple displays

This isn’t just for show. Having multiple displays will make life easier, not only for playing online casinos but for pretty much anything. And instead of just installing an extra monitor, why not two or even three? 

You can acquire an extra monitor and use even your television for the other one. The only catch is, you need to check your PC’s graphics card to ensure it has the juice to indulge those bright and shiny displays. 

As for how to display it, two of your monitors can stand parallel to each other on your desk, with your third monitor/TV perched on the wall in front of you. 

With three monitors, you’ll be able to view multiple games simultaneously, thus becoming an authentic virtual casino.

Decorate with colorful lights

To compliment your bright and lively displays, add some more colorful lights. You can get keyboards with backlighting or desk lamps with multiple bulbs from different colors.

As far as your primary lighting, you have a choice. You can get warm lights and turn it down. Depending on your lights, you can choose to remove some of your bulbs and stick with one or dim it if you have that option. Alternatively, you can just shut the lights off altogether.

The light in your room will come from your multiple monitors, desk lights, and keyboard. And if you want, install lights along with your door frames and window panes. Mix them up or use one color—a hot color like red, pink, or purple might work best.

Swap the curtains and carpets to look more regal

Swap the curtains and carpets
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To truly bring out that casino feels, you’ll need carpets like ones you’ll find where all the slot machines are. A baroque carpet would do well, especially if your theme is Arabian or palace-like.

Funky and colorful carpets or the ones you see in casino hotels work. Or find ones that match your theme. If you have a tropical beach theme, find a rug that mimics the sand.

You can install a different carpet where your computer station is then attached to the rest of the room to give a multi-layered design. If the room you’re in has windows, install curtains. Match the curtains with your theme, or go for blackout curtains.

Casinos were designed to excite people and make them feel important right when they step in. This is your kingdom. Step right in and bask.

Decorate with casino-themed ornaments 

The finishing touches are to decorate your station with different ornaments. This goes back to what theme you chose. If you’re going for a 1980’s theme, go shop in a specialty store dedicated to the theme or raid a garage sale. 

If you’re looking for more common casino-themed items, shopping at a place specializing in theme party decor is your first stop. Usually, they sell things like playing card ornaments, posters, and desk decor. 

You can also find XL mouse pads or gaming mouse pads with a custom design. These will not only add a nice touch to your casino theme but be functional as well.

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