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IGT strikes a deal with Dreamscape Companies

International Game Technology (IGT) strikes a deal with Dreamscape Companies through which it will be introducing its IGT ADVANTAGE casino management system to Rio Hotel & Casino. This will be commencing in the last quarter of 2023. Rio Hotel & Casino will also be able to utilize IGT’s M5 content delivery solution for operating Random Riches and Lucky Coin bonuses. Further, there will be IGT’s mobile host, as well as mobile responder employee convenience applications, that will help in improving the customer service aspect. In the case of the taxable accrual solution, it will provide the maximization of player self-service jackpot processing.  

According to the Gaming Officer of Rio Hotel & Casino, Kevin Sweet, Rio Hotel & Casino will be in the position of offering a high level of gamer exposure with the help of the applications. This will altogether be instrumental in not only increasing the gamer base but also playing a positive role in their loyalty program. 

As for the viewpoint of Ryan Reddy of IGT, the incorporation of IGT ADVANTAGE will provide the option for Rio Hotel & Casino to offer promotional activities, as well as real-world rewards and attractive bonuses. He feels it will be extremely beneficial for the property. 

IGT is a prime player in the field of gaming globally. The company is involved in introducing entertaining and exciting games, as well as areas related to lotteries, gaming slots, and sports betting. 

According to the latest casino news, the Rio Hotel & Casino comes with more than 2,500 large-sized rooms and a massive swimming pool. The entertainment area is spread over 220,000 square feet. The casino is built over an area of 150,000 square feet and has within its precinct 60 gambling tables and more than a thousand slot machines.

Dreamscape is into real estate development of properties which include the likes of residential, as well as retail and the hospitality sector. It also indulges in the building and development of entertainment venues, along with gaming-related structures.   

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