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Interblock’s bold move: Entering class II tribal gaming market!

In 2024, two prominent gaming industry competitors, Eclipse Gaming Systems and Interblock, plan to join forces and bring forward electronic table games to the flourishing Class II tribal gaming sector. This alliance will merge the modern electronic table game technology of Interblock Global CEO John Connelly with the innovative skills of Eclipse Gaming Systems CEO Tim Minard.

The illustrious Eclipse Gaming Systems has earned a reputation in the gaming domain through its advanced platform and mathematically exact bingo-style returns. In their most recent venture, they will be allowing tribal casinos access to the state-of-the-art Class II platform, which is equipped with Interblock’s flashy electronic table games. Players become engrossed in the captivating technology and alluring gameplay these games offer, providing a fresh perspective for any casino’s repertoire.

According to the casino news, Tim Minard, CEO of Eclipse Gaming Systems, expressed enthusiasm for providing Interblock’s electrifying interactive table games to patrons of tribal casinos through their outstanding Class II platform. He highlighted the cutting-edge technology employed in these games and the riveting gameplay they offer, giving players a genuine experience akin to traditional table games but with amplified enjoyment.

John Connelly, the CEO of Interblock Global, mirrored Minard’s sentiments by stressing the mounting appetite for opulent electronic table game solutions in the tribal gaming space. He pointed out that through collaboration, Class II operators can deliver new ways for patrons to revel in dynamic table games and enjoy the inviting atmosphere of Interblock’s games.

Interblock has pursued numerous strategic motions within the gaming industry to consolidate its reputation as an industry leader, most notably by acquiring Aruze Gaming America’s electronic table game assets in July 2023. This move revealed their determination to expand their variety of products and strive for excellence.

Interblock’s strategic approaches to the gaming industry, which have secured their prestige as a prominent actor in the sector, include teaming up with Aruze Gaming America. By acquiring the electronic table game assets in July 2023, Interblock made a substantial stride, demonstrating their dedication to pushing the envelope and diversifying their offerings.

The collaboration between Eclipse Gaming Systems and Interblock will likely stir up the Class II tribal gaming sector as tribal casinos strive to modernize their offerings and conform to their guests’ evolving palate. Gambles can look forward to a plentiful selection of stimulating electronic table games with cutting-edge technology and an imitation, true-to-life gaming environment. As a result of the delivery date in 2024, tribal casinos will be able to bestow their patrons with an exceptional entertainment experience that intertwines pleasure and ingenuity.

This partnership marks the exemplary drive of prominent firms like Eclipse Gaming Systems and Interblock to go the extra mile and present pioneering solutions to fulfill players’ ever-mutating requirements in the frenetic gaming landscape. There are even more electrifying developments ahead for Class II tribal gaming and the more expansive gaming industry as the sphere continues to advance.

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