Internet Vikings furthers tie-up with Bragg Gaming Group

Internet Vikings furthers its collaboration with Bragg Gaming Group to introduce customized offerings for Bragg HUB and Bragg RGS in Pennsylvania. Incidentally, Internet Vikings is an officially certified hosting provider in the US. This pertains to the iGaming and online sports betting industries. On the other hand, Bragg Gaming Group is into content and offers iGaming technology.

As per a statement issued in September 2023, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) divulged the fact that there has been a noticeable increase in revenues collected via online casinos, to the extent of a 35.3% jump. When compared to August 2022, the increase is 7.5%. In spite of a slight downfall of 2.1% as compared to the revenue generated in July, amounting to $467 million, it proves that the gambling space is witnessing steady growth. In the case of Bragg Gaming, the Pennsylvania market is extremely lucrative, with options galore. 

The association between Bragg Gaming and Internet Vikings goes back to November 2022. At that point in time, the Internet Vikings had provided backup facilities to Bragg Gaming in New Jersey. This opened the doors for both businesses to spread their footprint throughout the US. All of these considerations led to Bragg Gaming’s decision to expand its partnership with Internet Vikings and launch in the state of Pennsylvania. 

According to the CEO and founder of Internet Vikings, Rickard Vikstrom, they feel they have made the right decision to further the association. In his opinion, their hosting facilities will come with the option for Bragg Gaming to have access to a maximized framework that is the prime necessity for properly delivering their services in the respective markets.

Internet Vikings will supply Bragg Gaming Group with a hosting solution tailored to BGG’s collector services, under the terms of the firms’ mutually agreed upon partnership agreement. The acquired firm, Spin Games, will launch a retail gaming system (RGS) in Pennsylvania. Bragg Gaming’s solutions will be deployed on the VMware hosting infrastructure provided by the Internet Vikings, which has been tailored to the company’s specific needs. Internet Vikings will end up hosting two separate instances of web hosting due to this.

According to the gaming news, Peter Lavric, CTO of Bragg Gaming Group, expressed satisfaction with the company’s decision to continue working with Internet Vikings. They have high regard for Internet Vikings’ ability to provide hosting solutions that align with their Pennsylvania expansion plans. According to him, the continued association will prove exceedingly beneficial for both businesses.

Internet Vikings is known to operate in over 23 states across the United States and have 27 data centers. The company remains committed to providing its customers with superior hosting solutions. They are tailored to meet the diverse requirements of the sports wagering and iGaming industries.

Internet Vikings, on the other hand, is the country’s go-to service for licensed iGaming and sports betting in-state hosting. The company is active in 23 different states. In addition to shared hosting, Internet Vikings also offers dedicated servers, colocation, and cloud hosting. The company features DDoS protection and an ISO 27001 accreditation.

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