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Internet Vikings to use Cloudflare for greater DDoS Protection

Internet Vikings, a top-tier, licensed in-state hosting provider for the iGaming and sports wagering industries, will use Cloudflare, a security and dependability-focused company. Cloudflare actively contributes to the improvement of the internet. For Internet Vikings, this represents a turning point in their efforts to improve the cybersafety features pertaining to the iGaming sector.

Internet Vikings offers its users the highest form of cyber safety solutions, protecting them from DDoS threats with Cloudflare Magic Transit protections. These solutions were made possible by establishing a powerful cyber safety solution implemented across the Cloudflare network.

Internet Vikings always prioritize cybersecurity. The association between the corporation and Cloudflare lends credibility to this factor. With Magic Transit from Cloudflare, Internet Vikings can anticipate and mitigate potential distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against its customers with greater efficiency than ever before.

According to the latest betting news, Rickard Vikstrom, the chief executive officer of Internet Vikings, states that the company is constantly searching for ways to provide comprehensive solutions to its numerous clients. Now, with the addition of Cloudflare and their partnership, Internet Vikings will be closer to resolving the cyber security concerns of their user base and the industry at large. The gamers will receive a vastly improved gaming experience.

Andy Lockhart, Vice President EMEA of Cloudflare, is of the firm’s strong belief that in order to protect the sports betting and iGaming industries, businesses such as Internet Vikings need to devise an effective cyber safety and capability solution. According to him, the number of cyber-attacks appears to be growing at an exponential rate, and he reveals that Cloudflare has been successful in preventing approximately 124 billion cyber threats on a daily basis.

Cloudflare is actively engaged in safeguarding the internet and simultaneously ascertaining the fact that it remains speedy and effective for global users. This is achievable through the use of Cloudflare’s network, one of the biggest globally. It covers over 300 cities, spanning over 100 countries.

On the other hand, Internet Vikings is a state-regulated cloud hosting provider. Focusing on the sports wagering and iGaming industries. The corporation was formally established in 2008, and its headquarters are in Stockholm. It has more than fifty employees and operates in five countries. The company renders services in cloud hosting, colocation hosting, VMware hosting, managed hosting, SEO hosting, and duplicate servers in Malta.

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