KamaGames Announces the Black Friday Marketing Campaign

Bringing a host of rewards, promotional offers, and interesting games, KamaGames has announced the launch of its popular and famous Black Friday Marketing Campaign. Running from November 20-30, this campaign has acquired a cut status over the years and has become synonymous with high rewards, big discounts, and attractive prizes among gamers.

The highlight of the campaign is its focus on the lottery tickets, gold, and chips that will be available for grab. Compared to the standard prices, players can have up to three times more of the above-mentioned items, which is indeed amazing. Additionally, exciting offers will be available on the Chip Jar and Wheels of Fortune.

Special offers will be available on the KamaGames app. One can earn points for every hand won, and these points can be utilized to earn a reward from the casino. More points will make you eligible for the bigger reward. Besides, these points can be used for cementing your position against global players, country players, or even your friends. Players can use these points for climbing the leaderboards too. To make the process even more interesting, there is a feature of boosters, which can be used to double the event points of a player. This feature can be purchased or availed free of cost through the use of gameplay.

Slot Games

Special attention will be given to the portfolio of slot games during this Black Friday Marketing Campaign. This certainly makes sense as slots are popular and draw many players to both online and offline formats alike. KamaGames has specifically planned the launch of a new slot dubbed Pharaoh’s Gold during this event, and special arrangements have been made to introduce new jackpots in the array of existing slots. Winning the Jackpot during the campaign event leads to a prize multiplier of 10, which is superb by any parameter of comparison.

This is a fine attempt by KamaGames to enhance existing players’ participation while drawing new players to its fold. The company is also attempting to open new communication channels with players that will add to its long-term sustenance strategy while boosting its topline revenues and profits.

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