KamaGames launches Holiday Events with Big Rewards

To encourage more gamers to take a shot at the KamaGames, the platform has come up with a new feature called Holiday Events. This feature is specifically conceived to provide a chance for players to earn event points. These events points can be traded later on for rewards in addition to being used for attaining a ranking on global and levels.

We had already witnessed the Fight Night holiday event that KamaGames launched on October 23, which featured Tony Ferguson, a well-known superstar in the UFC. The event went on to become a huge success and got overwhelming support from the gamers. This also helped the platform cement its position while providing future direction on how to go ahead with such events.

October 29 further saw the launch of the most recent event from KamaGames, Halloween. The event is set to entertain gamers for the next six days and comes equipped with a solid entertainment package consisting of special offers, exciting contests, bonus points, and various gifts built in the game. Other important attractions of this event are the Halloween trophy and Wild Monsters slot that can be enjoyed by gaming enthusiasts.


This special event drive initiated by the KamaGames platform proves effective in luring more gamers to its fold. We can certainly expect the rest of the year to be fulfilled with celebrations and events reflecting the festivities and culture of various communities across the globe. This new strategy is finding favor with customers and will help the platform become even more popular in the future.

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