Kingdom Game 4.0 To Launch New Version With Enhanced Benefits For Customers

Taking pride as a Vietnam-based leading gaming platform powered with blockchain excellence, Kingdom Game 4.0 has announced a scheduled launch of KDG version 2.0 in the coming days of August month. The team has designed the new version as a more creative, user-friendly, advanced, and intuitive phase of the amateur version of the decentralized gaming network. The news was circulated via an official Twitter post quoting:

The gaming industry has seen a strong inclination towards blockchain integration in the past few years to channelize development and foster technological advancements. The traditional game publishing infrastructure in Vietnam is presently dealing with multiple significant issues, including:

  • The constant clash between the requirements of gamers and developers. Where gamers aspire to have a more user-focused model, the developers aim to earn more profits.
  • There is no true value for the in-game features, making them turn into Zero and giving no return to them.
  • Limited trading accessibility, liquidity, and commodity for in-game products and thus making its operational scope shallow.
  • Other shortcomings are also available.

Salient Features of Kingdom Game 4.0 Network

  1. Economy sharing infrastructure

This unique sharing model offers guaranteed benefits to all the parties involved- gamers, developers, and agents. They integrate together by playing important individual roles along with constant support from each other. Game developers can use the resources to earn income. The platform uses 25-50% of the revenue to sponsor gamers via various tournaments, promotions, events, and activities. The gamers can earn a referral commission by inviting their friends to join and play on the platform. The invitees too are eligible to get an equal commission.

  1. In-game guarantee

The Kingdom Game 4.0 assigns true value to the in-game assets, which were unvalued until now. It offers a guaranty rate of up to 75% of the asset value. The assets are guaranteed for the value as well as the liquidity on a long-term basis by the project. Thus, bringing about a drastic change in the sector.

  1. Secured Payment Via Blockchain Technology

The platform has a native cryptocurrency, KDG, which facilitates seamless operations for the gamers. Blockchain manages all the in-game transactions securely. The users are paid in KDG tokens and are allowed to purchase items or avail other services using the crypto coin for better transparency. It has its own registration module, account storage system, and wallet solution based on Ethereum smart contract technology.

  1. Right To Own Native Shares

The Kingdom Game 4.0 allows users to become owners by giving them the right to own the platform’s shares. The gamers invest and create multiple benefits for themselves by selecting agents and managing funds from public securely. The right to vote in crucial matters of the portal is an added service.

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