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Lou Williams to retire from the NBA

Lou Williams, who has managed to remain on top of the list of bench scorers and obtained the title of Sixth Man of the Year three times, is quitting the NBA at the young age of seventeen. His last game was with Atlanta, in the year 2021-2022 season. 

The fact that he had made up his mind to quit the NBA was formally announced by him recently. This will be the first time we witness the quitting of an NBA player following the winning of the League’s Sixth Man Award, along with the distinction of having scored more points off the bench than any other player before him.

Williams carries with him the credit of having been connected with six teams. These include Philadelphia, as well as Toronto, the Los Angeles Lakers, Houston, the Los Angeles Clippers, and Atlanta. His last game was with the Hawks.   

According to NBA betting sites, Williams managed to come off the bench in 1,001 games after 1,123 regular-season games that lasted through seventeen full seasons. His scoring rate card reads 13,396 off-the-bench points, which amounts to a clear 2,117 over that of Jamal Crawford and, in the case of Dell Curry, 2,249 more. It is ultimately Williams and Crawford who, to their credit, obtained the Sixth Man Award over any other NBA player.

In the 2005 NBA draft, Williams turned out to be the 45th choice. Chris Paul took the credit for the maximum points scored, over Williams amongst a lot of sixty players. Williams is taking a scorecard that reads fifty points while battling the Warriors in 2018. His NBA career ended with a total of 15,593 points, which in the entire history of the NBA, stands in the 131st position.    

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