Macau Chief Executive Shares Views on the Role of Gaming Operators

The latest official reports are signaling towards a crucial change in the gaming sector likely to be introduced by the lawmakers in Macau. As per the news coming in from the sources, the legal authorities are contemplating through rigorous discussions about the possibility of a tax reduction for gaming operators under re-tendering terms.

Ho Iat Seng, the Macau Chief Executive, clarified that though the gaming operators need not burden themselves with an excessive charge of corporate social responsibility by the expectations and actions of the gaming industry community, they still have to pay the current prevailing rate of thirty-five percent. The corporations shall still have the means to pay the present tax subsiding the ongoing global crisis created by the outbreak of COVID-19.

During the interaction, Ho Iat Seng shared his unhappiness towards the industry leaders for not offering the required assistance for aiding the operations being carried upon around China for battling out the current pandemic situation. However, he blamed the incompetence of communication channels for the entire situation. He added that,

Ho Iat Seng, Said

The renowned political figure acknowledged the quick and selfless efforts given by the enterprises in supporting the government’s COVID-19 relief operations.

Seng bragged,

bragged Seng.

Macau still is in the special administrative region of the Chinese government as the cases of coronavirus patients continue to increase in the city with every passing day.

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