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Maine witnesses a surge in sports wagering receipts

Maine has experienced a notable surge in sports wagering receipts, totaling $5.5 million, despite a decline in player expenditures in January.

In January, Maine recorded a total receipt of $38.1 million. The amount decreased by 13.4% compared to the December figure of $44 million. Nevertheless, upon examination of November, when the amount reached $37.6 million, a 1.3% growth can be discerned. With respect to adjusted gross receipts, January recorded a 25% increase over the corresponding amount in December, amounting to $4.4 million. Furthermore, it surpassed the initial month’s collected $4.6 million by 19.6%.

Some adjusted total receipts from sports wagering consist of voided and canceled wagers, player winnings, and a 0.25% federal excise tax.

As of January, the aggregate amount of separate taxes designated for the state was $546,099. Sports wagering in Maine is subject to a 10% tax on adjusted gross receipts.

At this time, DraftKings and Caesars are the two certified operators that offer sports betting in Maine. Both operators are affiliated with the tribal communities, as evidenced by Governor Janet Mills’ May 2022 issuance of Bill LD 585. These top online sportsbooks have established partnerships with tribal entities, solidifying their presence in the state’s sports betting landscape.

DraftKings conducts operations in Maine in collaboration with the Passamaquoddy tribe. January saw the contribution of $4.7 million in adjusted gross receipts from the collaboration. Prior to this, the amount was $32.1 million, representing a significant portion of the market.

Caesars operates in collaboration with three Wabanaki nations, namely the Mi’kmaq nation, the Houlton community of Maliseet Indians, and the Penobscot nation.

The Caesars collaboration achieved adjusted gross receipts of $743,762 in January. This amount was generated from a monthly wagering handle of $6.1 million.

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