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Manchester City to soon begin its US pre-season tour

Manchester City will commence its US pre-season tour on July 23, 2024, by first locking horns with Celtic. After four days, they will move to Yankee Stadium, where Milan will wait to turn the tables. Other teams that are slated to face Man City are Barcelona and Chelsea. Needless to say, fans are excited about every feat that the City is about to bring their way.

Man City were last seen playing in the quarterfinals of the FA Cup against Newcastle. The final tally was 2-0 in their favor, with Silva scoring a double in the first half. That marked the apex of the outcome, as Newcastle started encountering difficulties in navigating City’s defensive stretch. Despite their potential to do so, they could not capitalize on opportunities to score, as Ortega actively defended the board.

The struggle of Newcastle was also evident with their possession, wherein they lagged at 27%. The remainder was delivered to the opponents at Etihad Stadium. Man City took a total of 16 shots, with five of them on target. Newcastle could only take two shots and send one on target.

Bernardo is credited with the win since he brought an opener in the 13th minute and a follow-up in the 31st minute.

Their participation in the UEFA Champions League football tournament has given them an aggregate of 6-2. The recent win was against Copenhagen in the Round of 16’s second leg. The final tally read 3-1, with the first two goals coming within the 10-minute window. They were scored by Manuel and Julian in the same order, in the 5th and 9th minutes, respectively. Mohamed attempted to take the side closer to landing an equalizer; however, the City soon debunked the strategy and found the net for the third time in 3 minutes over the usual 45-minute run.

It is safe to assume that Manchester City has had a nice run in football games so far. Well after discovering this players make their decision accordingly on online football sportsbooks. Also, they will next meet Real Madrid in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League. Other games for the premier club to look out for are with Arsenal, Aston Villa, and Crystal Palace. Manchester City are currently ranked third in the Premier League.

The most recent win in the quarterfinals of the FA Cup was for Man United. Liverpool felt the deficit of 4-3 when Antony came running from the back in the 87th minute to balance the scoreboard. Liverpool had the game in their hands, with Salah delivering the edge in the 2nd minute over the usual 45-minute run.

Chelsea, too, picked up the cherry for a 4-2 win in the same section of the football tournament. Interestingly, Axel Disasi scored one of Leicester City’s two goals as an OG in the 51st minute.

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