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Madrid defeats Sevilla 1-0 courtesy of Luka’s late goal

Real Madrid were at home while facing Sevilla for a La Liga event. The result could have gone either way since neither side had landed a goal for a long time. Finally, Luka Modric came off the bench, found a way to navigate the opponent’s defensive stretch, and took the ball to the back of the net. That remained the only goal throughout the 90-minute run, credited to Modric for taking Real Madrid to the top of the table with 65 points.

Modric later appeared for a media interaction. He emphasized heavily on practice sessions, saying that it takes a lot of practice—something that he did every day—and it finally was visible on the field on Sunday. Modric added that their key is persistent, further stating that they simply could not let points slip away because Barcelona did come close to surpassing them on the table.

Indeed,  Barcelona is currently in the second spot with 57 points. They have more wins in the last 5 games than Real Madrid. In the event of a tie on the basis of points, there is a chance that Madrid would hold a higher standard since their GD is comparatively greater. They are likely to continue winning football games by a bigger margin.

It took a higher possession for Real Madrid to understand that the higher the number of shots, the better the chances of clinching victory from Sevilla. The number was 64% for them, against 36%. Their shots were four times more, with six out of 16 taking a direct hit at the target. Sevilla did reach closer to the scoring area but then felt the cold feet and eventually got left behind. They took a total of 4 shots, with 1 hitting the target to meet the stopping wall.

Luka Modric scored a goal in the 81st minute. Call it a last-minute goal, as it was an unexpected one. Substitutions continued even in the OT. Sevilla’s desperation was pretty evident from their run; however, Ancelotti asked his men to stay calm and not fall into any trap crafted by Flores.

Real Madrid haven’t had a winning streak in their last five games, a trend that may have influenced betting on football. Despite winning three games, their inconsistency, including two draws, might have caused fluctuations in betting odds and predictions. Sevilla have only won two games, losing the recent football match-up and drawing the remainder. Real Madrid will next lock horns with 9th-placed Valencia, who are rallying behind with 36 points. Sevilla will again meet a higher-ranked side in the tournament, Real Sociedad. They are 7th on the table with 40 points.

Other La Liga football events to watch are between Girona and Rayo Vallecano, Celta Vigo and Almeria, and Sevilla and Real Sociedad.

Interestingly, there have been four instances where La Liga saw games being drawn 1-1 and 2-2. These were between Alaves & Mallorca (1-1), Almería & Atlético Madrid (2-2), Cadiz & Celta Vigo (2-2), and Las Palmas & Osasuna (1-1).

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