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Metric Gaming Teams Up With Sports IQ to Offer Innovative Sports Betting Products

B2B sports betting service provider Metric Gaming has teamed up with oddsmaker Sports IQ for launching next-generation sports betting products in the US.

Metric Gaming’s CEO, Martin de knijff, allows betting on horse racing, golf, live soccer, and round-the-clock betting opportunities on various sporting events. It logs more than 2000 bets/s and more than 1000 settlements/s.

Sports IQ uses a proprietary mathematical model and an innovative handicapping methodology combined with machine learning, to create odds for player’s performance for both pre-match and live game dynamics. It covers all US-based leagues like NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL, as well as NCAA, MLS, CFL, and WNBA.

The partnership with Sports IQ will help Metric provide betting in all the leagues mentioned. It will not only grow its customer base but also grow its earnings significantly.

Metric’s multi-tenant sports betting platform and Sports IQ’s proprietary modeling will create a full range of products to meets customer needs. Operators can avail of the service as a price feed or a turnkey service.

Commenting on the partnership, Martin de knijff, said,

We’re both committed to working at the sharpest ends of the industry, competing on quality and winning in the right way.

He further said that their products would significantly improve the overall quality of betting products in the US.

Omer Dor, Co-Founder at Sports IQ, said that Metric Gaming had the potential to disrupt the B2B sports betting market. He said,

We look forward to their new and existing clients benefiting from the Sports IQ suite of products.

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